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  1. Agreed with the above, especially useful to ironmen +1
  2. +1 , as long as ironmen don't have it
  3. Source: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Limpwurt_root#Farming
  4. Great update, yet again! Many thanks to the devs and QA testers for their hard work.
  5. Hey @Roux, I've had come across other players raising similar concerns in the past. We are aware of this and have it in our To-do list system. Therefore, expect your suggestion to be implemented in the near future
  6. Congrats on the hcim max @Hexae, big gains !
  7. Event concluded, Thank you all for participating!
  8. Back in 2005-2006 with the rise of 1 def pures, one of my favorite PK videos at the time had this song. Its pure euphoria, no pun intended. The PK video for anyone interested (Original video had 1M+ views, was taken down due to copyright infringment):
  9. Hey @Crip, I see that you've logged in-game and will assume that the issue has been resolved.
  10. You make mobile bossing look easy, well done That 3rd age flex though
  11. Hey Kharyrll, Welcome back to Zenyte, glad to have you here
  12. Impressive rng, feelsgoodman
  13. Ayy bank was made right there, congrats
  14. Best of luck on your goals. You've got quite the competition when it comes to voting my friend
  15. Hey Cicada, Welcome to Zenyte, glad you've decided to join us. I must say, that's an impressive kc on osrs for Cox, i'll sure do drop you a pm for tips. As well as, if you happen to come across any bugs/inconsistency during your grind please feel free to report it on forums or in the correct channels on Zenyte Discord.
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