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  1. Great job fellas, best of luck! Sneaky full justicar and sythe you got there @Hexae
  2. Event Introduction The Hide and Seek Event will be similar to any standard game of Hide and Seek and the host will be a member of the Events Team. He or she will be allowed to hide at any spot in Gielinor including wilderness and restricted areas. The host will inform the community via ::yell that the event has started and then it will be the responsibility of the community to hunt and locate the host. If the host is not found within a three minute time frame he or she will then proceed to give out clues or hints every 3 minutes until that round is over. Each event will consist of three rounds worth a reward of 100 store credits each. Event Information Hide and Seek Event (18:00 GMT Server Time) Host: 1945 & Passion - Commencement date/time: Saturday, October 10th 18:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) Hide and Seek Event (18:00 GMT Server Time) Host: 1945 & Passion -Commencement date/time: Sunday, October 25th 18:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) Event Winners 1st Location: Winner: 2nd Location: Winner: 3rd Location: Winner: 4th Location: Winner: 5th Location: Winner: 6th Location: Winner:
  3. Passion

    Warriors Guild

    Impressive rng there @Fawk only 1 since i'm an iron
  4. Not too bad, looking forward to see more chests opened
  5. Hey @Umbrella, Glad you decided to join Zenyte. I hope you'll enjoy your time here
  6. Agreed with the above, especially useful to ironmen +1
  7. +1 , as long as ironmen don't have it
  8. Source: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Limpwurt_root#Farming
  9. Great update, yet again! Many thanks to the devs and QA testers for their hard work.
  10. Hey @Roux, I've had come across other players raising similar concerns in the past. We are aware of this and have it in our To-do list system. Therefore, expect your suggestion to be implemented in the near future
  11. Congrats on the hcim max @Hexae, big gains !
  12. Event concluded, Thank you all for participating!
  13. Back in 2005-2006 with the rise of 1 def pures, one of my favorite PK videos at the time had this song. Its pure euphoria, no pun intended. The PK video for anyone interested (Original video had 1M+ views, was taken down due to copyright infringment):
  14. Hey @Crip, I see that you've logged in-game and will assume that the issue has been resolved.
  15. You make mobile bossing look easy, well done That 3rd age flex though
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