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  1. Welcome to Zenyte! I hope you enjoy that grind. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message any member of staff and we’ll be happy to assist.
  2. Currently the staff team is chosen based on many key factors including but not limited to; experience, maturity, ability to handle certain situations, helpfulness within the help cc/around the game and a unique perception separate to the rest of the community. If we chose people based on their likeness alone, we would have a ridiculously dysfunctional team. With that being said, if you know anyone who is wanting to be a part of the Zenyte team we urge you to inform them on sending in their staff application. Thanks!
  3. Happy Birthday fella!

  4. Need help? For the love of donuts PM me 🙂

  5. I respectfully disagree. COVID has made a huge impact on a ton of different projects so there will be large ups and downs when it comes to player count but the sole fact that the staff team, the developers, and the loyal community we have now stays goes to show that Zenyte has no plans of dying soon, if ever. I will also make note of one last thing; with the current team we have now, I can say without a doubt that they would stay even if they count ever dropped to the very end and that’s not something I could say before. We have a core group of people that put their hearts and blood into making Zenyte the best that it can be for not just the WHOLE community but players individually so even if there is one person left (not even close to anytime soon), most of us will be here until the very end.
  6. While I can’t say I wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion I REALLY love innovative thinkers so not to be insulting or anything BUT I truly think you can come up with a better solution to what you’re suggesting as this does take extra development time away with little reward in the long run. Also! An update is coming in order to bring players in as Corey has publicly stated previously. Stay tuned
  7. sounds fun. hope it turns out well
  8. I truly enjoyed working with each and every one of you. Thanks for all of the knowledge and experience you’ve shared with everyone as it will continue to be used in the future to constantly make Zenyte a better place for everyone.
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