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  1. Sad to see a PKer go but I totally understand. Have a good one man
  2. I can understand where your coming from, but this is going off topic. Whether it increases or decreases the risk of dieing in the wilderness doesn't matter, there are too many factors involved to make a reasonable and valid decision. Having the ability to turn it off gives you a level of privacy. I don't want people to know what I've dropped, or how much time I've spent farming a boss (the total kc). Yes, it could be used for the wilderness bosses - but that's not the point. Not everyone can be ready to fight or escape, take ironmen for example. Other people will still keep theirs enable, some people like being able to flex and brag about what they've got or how lucky they were with certain drops. This won't stop people bossing in the wilderness by any means, the fact it is being broadcasted right now is what stops SOME people. Players being able to hide it would still have to go into the wildy and risk it for the drop they're after. The game setting wilderness count just means that PKers have to check each spot to find people rather than tunneling in on one place. I consider myself a more reserved player. I have 0 kc at all wilderness bosses, and I have no plans to go out and do them. I just think having this feature would be good for everyone. I don't like people knowing my business, it might not be important to others but it is to me. Simple as that.
  3. Doesn't that seem way too unfair for the people farming these bosses though? You're going against this idea because you WANT peoples wilderness activities to be broadcasted, just so that you can go out and goon them. That's not PKing lol. If anything it'll drive more people away from bossing in the wilderness simply because they know if they get a loot hoards of people are going to be rushing out to get them. How is that in anyway competitive? The wildy will grow when it's meant to grow, you can literally see how many people are in the wildy through the game settings tab already. You can already know when it's active and its time to go out and check. Leaving broadcasts in is just giving you GPS to whoever your trying to kill. Give them some grounds to escape. I know it's the wilderness but that's a bit overboard if your talking on the topic of risk & reward.
  4. I'd love to be able to hide my own loot announcements from the global game chat & Discord. I know you can turn off ALL broadcasts via the game settings tasks, but I want a feature that'll allow me to keep my own activity private etc... I'd still like to be able to see how everyone else's luck has been going. It isn't the only valid reason but seeing people get loot from wildernesses bosses & their total KC is a good enough amount of information to go off when your PKing or wanting to be left alone when you are the person who is farming them.
  5. Looks very nice, especially the extras at the bottom. Will be nice to have these for when I start GWDs.
  6. Thanks everyone. Really appreciate it Enjoying the server so far.
  7. Me and a few of the lads were talking in the help cc about who had the top Zulrah killcount and I figured it'd be a good idea to suggest adding hiscores for these types of things. It adds a bit more competitiveness to everything, and players will be able to flex as well. Who wouldn't want the respek? We could do boss killcounts, clues, and the amounts of certain rare items ingame as hiscores. Like if someone wanted to check how many Twisted Bows were in the game, they could go onto the forum hiscores and see it there. I hope the community will show its support for this, pretty good idea imo. Maybe do a specific thing for Ironmen too so they could check how things have been on there side of the spectrum as well.
  8. Sup Zenyte. How're you all doing? I'd like to thank you for coming and reading my introduction. I'm more-so a pure PKer, but I have a main account on the official game as well. I've taken a break from my ironman whilst I wait for group ironman to be released, but while the engine team jerks us off for another year I've decided to get back into RSPS. Zenyte seems pretty good so far and if all continues to be, this will be my new home. I started playing RuneScape since 2008-ish and I've been on and off ever since.
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