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  1. On the topic of randoms I think the base xp should be increased to 5K/10K/25K instead of just under it like we have now. It makes it so that people who are maxed its still 'worth' (I realize they don't have a choice) doing them cause those xp amounts line up with the xp given by doing the ardy course (since most people drop lamps on agil/rc)
  2. This is a bit of an odd suggestion but it is a problem I've noticed. People who sit in there legit just to scout people, never asking questions and never helping. It always feels awkward to answer a wildy slayer help question and then have to follow it up with "but I would wait an hour cause there are pkers in the cc who heard you ask that", nobody wants to stop what they are doing for an hour, it just interrupts the flow of the game. Then those people feel less inclined to actually ask for help in the first place after hearing that. The only semi-fair solution I could come up with is this; if any account on your IP is in the help cc and you skull on someone in the help cc, you are IP kicked from the help cc for something reasonable like 3 or 6 hours. The IP part is cause people would just scout on alts if it was per account. This is a very weird solution but since this server seems to be against people being taken advantage of in the help cc and yell I figured I would put it out there as a possible 'fix'.
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