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  1. Yeah, I can log in now! Thanks for the clarification, information!
  2. I'm having the exact same problem as well. I too never encountered this problem before. Like an hour or so, I could still log in (I -was- loged in, I was in-game), but now I get the message that my account does not exist, too... I can still log in on the website (duh, I'm posting this message ). Would be nice ("nice") to hear if more people are facing this problem right now.
  3. Nice short, to the point guide! Good use of coloured text and explanatory imagery. This has helped me to craft my first Blood runes ever. However, I have a few things to point out. Some nitpicking, I'm afraid. 1) You do not mention the use of Graceful clothing. Those who do not have a high Agility level may find it worthwhile to wear the full set when crafting Blood (and Soul) runes. Even players with higher Agility would find it beneficial. 2) Perhaps it would be useful to mention the Agility levels that are needed to traverse the rather useful shortcuts around the Dense essence mine. (Obviously, people can check it in-game, but the same could be said about the route players will have to follow...) 2) You wrote: use the best pickaxe to increase profit. Assuming Zenyte closely follows OSRS (i.e. how does the game code compare?), this is not true. According to the official OSRS Wiki, the type of pickaxe used does -not- influence the rate at which dense essence blocks are mined. ( https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Dense_essence_block "Players will always get dense essence blocks every nine ticks, regardless of the pickaxe used." ) ( I have tested this a bit, but it is obviously difficult/impossible to draw conclusions from just a few tries, and it seems it comes down to 'luck' (rng) whether or not the Dense essence mine yields a lot of blocks (a full inventory) or just a few (single numbers). Rune or Black pickaxe doesn't seem to influence this 'luck'/amount. ) I would therefore suggest to use (preferably: wield, to save an inventory slot) the Black pickaxe, as it is the lightest of all pickaxes (at least in OSRS). That prolonges your Run energy slightly more, on top of Graceful. 3) Speaking of saving an inventory slot/wielding your pickaxe: I would -not- use the Dramen staff. In Zenyte, one can easily switch to the Arceuus spellbook and use its home teleport spell (right-click), which teleports you close to the Dark Altar. Furthermore, one can left-click that home spell to teleport to 'Zenyte home', a.k.a. Edgeville, where you can bank. On top of that, both casts have no cooldown in Zenyte, meaning you can use them whenever you want. That beats walking to reach the Fairy ring network, if you ask me. Another option could be a teleporation item of your choice (in the neck, ring, shield and/or ammo slot) that grants quick access to a Bank. Still better than the Dramen staff, which requires you to walk back to the CIS ring. 4) The Wiki describes a method of making use of the maximum amount of dark essence fragments that can be held in your inventory at a time (banking them is not allowed) - 108 fragments - and the maximum amount of Blood runes that can be created during one visit to the Blood Altar - 212. ( Sources: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Dark_essence_fragments (108) & https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Blood_altar (212) ) ( In short: mine 27 dense essence blocks, turn them do dark ess, chisel them into 108 fragments (whilst (!) running back to dense mine), mine another 26 ess, turn those into dark as well, run to Blood altar, turn 108 fragments into Blood runes, (only then) chisel the 26 dark ess blocks, yielding 104 fragments, and turn those 104 fragments into runes. Result: a total of 212 runes - or 424 on Zenyte. ) Your guide makes no mention of doing such an 'optimal' run. Perhaps such a run is not that helpful (or: not helpful at all) on Zenyte, but I thought it could be helpful to point this out. ( I have tested a single run of such a 2-in-1-run and a 1-after-1-run, and both took practically the same amount of time (plus minus a few seconds). Obviously, this too would need a lot more testing before a conclusion could be drawn that can be (somewhat) trusted.) Cheers.
  4. Flowers: orange Time on the 1st of August: I have no preference (... but I suppose it "should" be a moment when one can expect a lot of people to be online (in-game). To determine that moment, one would have to know which countries most people come from (UK, US, ... ?) and when they are most likely to be online. I myself do not have that knowledge...) (Also: INB4 many, many stages, because people happen to pick the same colour and they all keep moving on to the next stage. )
  5. Nice contest! Thanks for hosting it, and good luck to all! May the odds be in all our favour. (Don't know how that's supposed to work - but whatever, I guess. ) My ENTRY #1: Please see the attached images. (Don't know how to put them inline. Besides, they would take up quite some thread space...) All are evidence to one 'vote round'. EDIT: okay, I f***** it up... Please don't ban me.
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