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  1. Entry #3 - Day 24 (24th of December) Another thing that reminds me of the Holiday season (Christmas specifically) is the following song - a classic! Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas
  2. Entry #2 - Day 14 (14th of December) Another thing that reminds me of the Holiday season (Christmas specifically) is the following picture of my kitty-cat. Lying underneath the Christmas tree. A marvelous present indeed!
  3. Entry #1 - Day 10 (10th of December) Ahhh, a White partyhat ! What reminds me of the Holiday season (Christmas specifically) is the following song: Coldplay - Christmas Lights (I haven't checked all pages of this topic (yet), nor the most recent posts, so this song might have already been "chosen" by someone else - even one post above this one. But the rules don't state that that is a problem, and even then: it is still the truth that it does remind me of these times of year.) The reason it reminds me is quite simple: I just enjoy all the lights (decorative and even non-decorative) during these darkest days of the year! It looks especially nice when there's (a lot of) snow to reflect all that light -- even though I don't really like snow (anymore)... Strangely enough, the video features some fireworks. If you ask me, that's not something that is part of Christmas. On the other hand, it is shown near the end of the video - implying that firework comes when Christmas (the song) is over (well, almost). So yeah, fireworks remind me of the Holiday season as well. In advance: Happy Holidays to all!
  4. This fashionscape of mine took quite some time to complete (weeks if not months). Six tradeable items, all of which are not that easy to find... It is the first fashionscape I completed on Zenyte. Obviously it revolves around the untrimmed Prayer skillcape. I just like the colours (white, grey, gold/yellow) and that the stole and 'flaps' of the cape match nicely. This outfit is not entirely to my liking, though. There are not that many (good-looking) white pieces of equipment for the weapon and shield slot. The gold/yellow of this Rain bow is off. The White staff for example might look better, but that one isn't in the game. Another downside is the wood/brown-coloured shoulder rest of the cape. I'd much prefer it to be grey(ish) like the Thieving and Agility capes. The four brown 'studs' around the stomach of the Armadyl robe top are 'meh' as well. But I wanted the shoulder area to be a little more broad (than they would be with either the Desert shirt/Druid's robe top or a Bob's shirt) to better match the shoulder rest of the cape. Nowadays, I unfortunately don't wear it often at all. Either because I'm running around (in Graceful) or training (in armour), or because the outfit is 'old' and I'm trying to compose new ones. Looking good (imo) is nice, but often it's not practical... I might try to walk around in it some more.
  5. The other thread ( https://forums.zenyte.com/topic/6198-halloween-trick-or-treating-event/ ) : « How to be Eligible to win Best Halloween Costume To be eligible to participate and win the prize for "Best Halloween Costume" - Simply take a photo of your costume & post it on this thread here. Then members of the Staff team will hand pick 3 costumes to be Polled & voted by YOU, the community on who should win Best Halloween Costume » This thread ( https://forums.zenyte.com/topic/6277-happy-halloween/ ) : « Fashionscape Contest The Events Team and Staff Team would like to see your best Fashionscape! If you believe you have one of the most unique outfits then feel free to reply to this thread. We will be selecting three winners 24 hours from the date of this post » 1945 closed the other topic and redirects to this one. But... err... do we (the community) still have a say in this - who will be the (one) winner or the (three) winners - or not? ~ Unfortunately, when I arrived around 17:40 GMT server time, the event at Port Phasmatys was already over... Missed the tricks/treats and couldn't show my outfit "live". (To verify that I really own this outfit, I can obviously show it in-game when need would be.) I wanted to stay in the Halloween mood, so I had assembled some items to form a 'dark/evil' outfit. (I had to wear one "lesser" item, as I couldn't obtain the piece I had in mind that goes in the same slot - which would presumably make this outfit look better. Alas! )
  6. Thank you for the answers, 1945! All is clear to me now.
  7. Sounds good! I hope I can join, but I'm afraid I will at least be too late to stop by the homes. I have a few questions though. Some nitpicking, I'm afraid... 1) Concerning the 'best Halloween costume': a) I suppose only one costume per player is permitted? Meaning: once you are wearing a certain outfit, you are not allowed to switch to a second, third, whatever costume mid-event? (If you are caught changing or suddenly wearing something else, this results in you being 'sent home'.) b) Only the players who come by (one of) the homes are able to win? - I.e.: is this 'costume contest' bound to the actual trick-or-treating? If so, is it bound to taking the loot of one inventory spot? I.e. if the line at a specific house is longer than 28 players (refer to my second point, below), some players will not receive a gift, and they will therefore not be able to win 'best costume'? - Or is it tied to the event, which takes place between the given start time and end time - no matter how quick the inventories are empty? (Say: all 4 inventories are empty 20 minutes after start. Do players have a chance to win 'best costume' during the remaining 40 minutes?) If the latter is the case: Do we (the players) have to stick around for the entirety of the event, if we want to be able to win the prize for 'best Halloween costume'? Or can we simply join for like 10 minutes - at either the beginning, middle or end of the event? (Some people might not make it in time or cannot stick around for long, because they have things going on in real life... Like myself. ) 2) When it comes to stopping by by the homes: a) Are all 4 houses open at the same time, thus enabling participants to spread? (If not, I suppose people will rush from the first house to the next, possibly resulting in chaos when forming the next queue... Because when you're number 29 or higher, you know for a fact you'll have no chance to receive something - see the points below.) b) I suppose it is: first comes, first serves? (I.e. the player who has been camping in front of one of the doors for an hour prior to the event - in order to be (one of) the first - has the first shot at a gift from that resident's inventory.) c) "You will only be allowed to go into each house ONCE." If I understand correctly: in total, there are 4 x 28 = 112 'prizes' to be given away. If there are more players than that number joining the event (say 120), then not all players will receive a gift (in this case 8 players will not) ? - ASSUMING those 120 players are there right at the start of the event, and spread out evenly between the four houses, i.e. 30 players per house. Anyway... I hope that everything will go according to plan and that people will treat (pun not intended) each other nicely. Have fun, everyone!
  8. In my opinion, it would be even more useful if we could rearrange (and to go even further: hide) magic spells, just like we can do with prayers. (I would like to see the ability to remove (lower level) Prayers from the list.) So you could, for example, move the highest combat spells you (can) use to the top, and the ones you never/rarely use to the bottom of the list. Great quality of life if you ask me. I don't know if this is available in OSRS. Doubt it. If it is not, then I guess implementing this in Zenyte would stray too far from OSRS.
  9. I'm surprised that this song has not yet been chosen/mentioned. (Or I might have missed it, in which case this entry is void. ) I suppose it's been heard/picked all too often before in general, but oh well... Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence I have chosen this song, because it stuck with me ever since the very first time I heard it. I used to listen to it in some of the darkest times in my life (personal struggles). When those were mostly solved, I did not 'dare' to listen to it for quite some time. Eventually, I started playing the song again, and nowadays I can enjoy this piece of art without the bitter taste that stuck to it. It's not that I listen to it daily, but I do keep coming back to it every once in a while. I'm into the more melancholic, sad songs, and this one fits right in. Amazing and powerful voice, orchestrated very nicely. In my opinion (ears) it's flawless. Although I was raised by parents who are Christians (i.e. going to church every Sunday, reading the Bible after dinner and thanking the Lord for our food ), nowadays I consider myself an atheist. However, I cannot forget one comment that was posted below this piece of music years ago. (No, it wasn't mine.) Unfortunately I cannot find it anymore, but it was something like this: "Simon & Garfunkel's version is the gospel of Jesus, Disturbed's version is the WRATH of God." I hope I'll see one of the other songs I had in mind in this event. That would make my day. Especially if that one would win, lmao!
  10. Yeah, I can log in now! Thanks for the clarification, information!
  11. I'm having the exact same problem as well. I too never encountered this problem before. Like an hour or so, I could still log in (I -was- loged in, I was in-game), but now I get the message that my account does not exist, too... I can still log in on the website (duh, I'm posting this message ). Would be nice ("nice") to hear if more people are facing this problem right now.
  12. Flowers: orange Time on the 1st of August: I have no preference (... but I suppose it "should" be a moment when one can expect a lot of people to be online (in-game). To determine that moment, one would have to know which countries most people come from (UK, US, ... ?) and when they are most likely to be online. I myself do not have that knowledge...) (Also: INB4 many, many stages, because people happen to pick the same colour and they all keep moving on to the next stage. )
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