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  1. Personally, I think boss items should stay out of the store. (Stone + Dpick) *Yes I know* Keep in mind, I also voted against the pick being iron friendly. But my MAIN reason for this reply is to ask you to reconsider keeping the prices of bunny ears/Phat/h'ween sets as they are. As little as there is in game, once you lower the price the market will never recover as they'll be bought up and hoarded. *Just my 2c, LOVE everything else.*
  2. #21 The grinch was the hero in the story the whole time.
  3. I only play Overwatch to snipe. I was low Diamond S4 and it just drained me. I play Apex/Siege heavily now, everything else is just a pass time.
  4. #12 Spiked coco and some smoke in an igloo @ Winter of '11 /Nikiski Alaska.
  5. Day # 11 Sugar cookies are the highlight of every xmas
  6. #3 That scene in the Jim Carrey Grinch where he contemplates what to do to those fucking whoos.
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