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  1. In-game username: Godimus Medal(s): Donator, Man's best friend Proof for your Medal(s): Achievement log.
  2. I calc'd bxp out of the rates. Like I said this was only an hour of each and I' not 99 fishing, so rates may be different. I would like more people to do this so we can have a larger data pool.
  3. Thanks man, this was purely to find out the fastest fishing exp, with the added bonus of the money making fishing methods. I also figured this isn't a guide, which is why I posted it here. I do plan to do a post 99 fishing test as well, but that will be a wee while off.
  4. I know it is a heavily debated topic on what is the fastest fishing exp? Well I have just done a small test, an hour each to find out rough exp/hours. This was done from 94-96 fishing so there is potential to get better exp rates, but these were pretty much not afk'd at all. Also. this IS with the angler outfit. 1) Monkfish - 313k/hour on x5. 626k/hour on x10. 1.566m/hour on x25. 2) Lobsters - 303k/hour on x5. 606k/hour on x10. 1.516m/hour on x25. 3) Barb fishing - 283/hour on x5, 46k/hour cooking exp, 25k/hour str/agility exp. - 566/hour on x10, 92/hour cooking exp, 50k/hour str/agility exp. - 1415/hour on x25, 230/hour cooking exp, 125k/hour str/agility exp. 4) Sharks (only just) - 250k/hour on x5. 500k/hour on x10. 1250k/hour on x25. 5) Anglers - 240k/hour on x5. 480k/hour on x10. 1200k/hour on x25. 6) Sacred eels - 200k/hour on x5. 400k/hour on x10. 1m/hour on x25. - 225k/hour cooking on x5. 450k/hour cooking on x10. 1125k/hour cooking on x25. 7) Infernal eels - 166k/hour on x5. 332k/hour on x10. 830k/hour on x25. If anyone else would like to also test and combine data that would be great.
  5. If the home portal was going to be added into our POH's, why not slightly dumb down/nerf the home portal? Would be all the more reason to actually get one.
  6. Okay, well can all tiers of diary rewards be obtainable then? Also the Wilderness sword 4 requires 70 attack in game and on OSRS the min attack pre-req is 30. I feel like Toxic staff should be 75 attack. I've seen 50 attack pures with them. Again, Magic secateurs require Natures spirit quest in osrs which makes them a min of 13 def to even acquire in osrs. 41 Defence should be required to wear Mythical cape. 33 Defence should be required to get any dragon as a slayer task. Shall I go on? There are many things that aren't coded the same as osrs and that is what is special about any rsps. I only started this thread to ask to be able to wear/wield the diary rewards I have already unlocked via getting requirements.
  7. But in DeadManMode you can wear it with 1 def because there is no actual requirements. That's like saying you have to have 50 Prayer for a barrelchest anchor since the that is a quest requisite. Or magic secateurs require 13 def since nature spirit is a quest pre-req.
  8. If that is the case how come barrows gloves have a defence requirement?
  9. But the wilderness 4 sword requires 70 attack in game. The varrock armour 4 requires 40 defence which i cannot wear, even though I could wear the varrock 3 armour. Understandable the varrock elite requires a lunar spell, but in that case can the earlier rewards be re-obtainable?
  10. I've completed wildy and varrock elite diaries and can't wield the Sword / Armour. I feel that they having stat requirements is ridiculous. So even though I've grinded the requirements for the diary i still can't use the reward, and cant get the lower tier either. I suggest all diary rewards have no stat requirements, the diary requirements should be enough I also suggest that all rfd gloves have 1 def requirement, like they do in DMM.
  11. I feel like this would take time away from other content we're already waiting for and going down the custom route. Unique idea but I'm not for this tbh.
  12. Any chance we can get the tome added to loyalty store too? Just seems like something that would of been implemented there.
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