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  1. I've got some in the PvM section, I'm currently working on my hcim to make some videos with it and I have 2 videos also waiting to be edited.
  2. Great guide you got there, but I never knew that it works too if you throw the throwing axe against southern wall, I always throw it against western door.
  3. It's a shame I don't have a screenshot, but my very first account's last login was about 5500 days ago when I got it recovered...
  4. Funniest Player: @1945 Most Active on Forums: @Ziniy Most Active In-Game: @Gepan Best Guide Creator: @Life Best Video Creator: N/A Best Streamer: N/A Favorite Update: Instances Favorite Event: PC Favorite Boss: Zulrah Favorite Skill: Slayer Favorite Pet: Hydra
  5. Hey, that's very useful for those who didn't know about this. I used this way with osrs and was planning to make a little guide, but you did it first!
  6. Thanks, I will do more videos later.
  7. Hey, So I decided to share my Osrs videos, basically same content as in Zenyte. P. S. At Hydra I figured the skipping after I've made the video... lol P.P.S. I meant to post this in Osrs medias...
  8. Happy birthday, Zenyte! I missed the event and wanted to donate some for the drop party, but I hope everyone had a great time!
  9. I hope so, I just gotta find time to sit down for 2-3 hours in Inferno or just pause it sometimes. It's been done in osrs btw, but not by me.
  10. I'm glad to hear that, thanks! Only a sky is the limit in here and I'm surprised how smoothly the game runs on mobile. Maybe we can see some of your mobile content aswell?
  11. I haven't counted, but I guess about 80-100 with my gear and if the place is empty. More with Anguish, BP and Assembler. No problem and thank you. Whatever helps the newcomers and those who haven't killed them before.
  12. Hey, Here is another video of me killing Lizardman shamans on mobile! I tried to make a little video guide, hope you like it. Wouldn't let me upload it as 1080p...
  13. Tuoppi

    Vorkath mobile

    I will do more once I get to slay Cerbe and Hydra.
  14. Tuoppi

    Vorkath mobile

    Thanks! Yeah it takes some practice. Mobile felt really weird for the first time, but little later it goes better than with PC. Thanks! Thanks! It's a little easier to do with c-bow, but bp goes aswell. I published these two videos also for this purpose if it gives one a little help in killing them. But hey, you managed to kill it, never give up!
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