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  1. Thanks man, you know where I am if you need me
  2. Thanks man Great to hear man, Like I said before I've had no form of training however it was something I was looking at doing before all this lockdown stuff started. After I'd lost a few friends I kept looking at the what I could have done and such but then I realised there is nothing you can change now.. Best you can do it try and help one person at a time. At first I didn't take it too seriously till one guy came and had a chat for a few hours with me and at the end the chat he said I'd saved his life and he was 100% set on killing himself that day.. Blew my mind. Within a week I had 20k flyers and a website up and running after that, the sites not very active anymore I mainly have people pm me on Facebook and Discord these days. https://letstalknortheast.co.uk/ is the website but please contact me by discord or you can pm me ingame Also Gepan if you ever need a chat you know where I am mate
  3. I think most of us have needed someone to talk to at one point in our life and I'm more than happy to spend some time to do the same for anyone else who may be in that situation. Thanks for your kind words
  4. Hi everyone hope your all doing well and staying safe during this lockdown! So... On the last game I joined I made a thread like this and it was a great success and I really believe I managed to help a few people in need so hopefully I can do the same here! I run a small non profit charity in real life as I've unfortunately lost 4 friends to suicide over the past few years. I've also been in a really dark place myself at one point so I know how horrible it can feel when you're really feeling down in the dumps and don't know who to talk to. I'm not a trained professional or anything of the sort but I've been told by people who've seen multiple paid professionals that talking to someone normal who's not getting paid to talk to them really shows that someone is there to listen to them. You can add me on discord at MrTobbo#2717 (capital M and T) and if you don't want me to know who you are it's really quick and easy to make a new disposable discord we can chat on in private. I'll NEVER repeat anything said to me without permission from youself (Unless I believe there is immediate danger to your well-being then I may contact your local authorities etc). It can be related to anything, you can be male or female.. You can be from anywhere.. Even if you have a friend you think could benefit from this who's not on the server feel free to send them my way
  5. This is true, nor in-game! as the majority thought it was 5000 also!
  6. I know that now :') None of the other items have (5) wrote on either tho.. Everyone has agreed it's confuseing about 30 people ingame said the same thing when asked.
  7. Yeah I've asked 4 people how many they think "1000x Mithril Seeds (5)" is on fb before posting this and all 4 said 5000 so I'm not alone in thinking that it would be that. Otherwise I would have got mystery boxes for more profit. Lesson learnt though! Research before you buy as you may be reading it wrong.
  8. After spending a while researching what would be best store credits to GP ratio I thought I'd found an amazing one... 1000x Mithril Seeds (5) Meaning 1000x mithril seeds (5) so 5k mithril seeds right? Wrong... It's only 1000 I have no idea why there is a random (5) on the end of it? Very misleading.
  9. Tobbo


    Nice to see another father not so far away from me! I'm from the north east (Newcastle) Got 2 little gamers myself aged 8 and 9! Hope you find a decent clan mate
  10. Looks like a sick clan, hopefully I make enough to get into raids one day in the near future!
  11. Tobbo


    I've got "a few" lol One arm is a Nightmare before xmas sleeve which is from like 10 years ago when I wasa bit of a scene kid. Other arm is a bit more recent (took my years to decide what I wanted on the other arm) Decided to get the films I enjoy the most so I've got: One punch mikey (Brad pit in snatch) Bane The joker (Heath ledger version) and Harley quin because Margot Robbie Image below: Oh and a knuck duster on my chest as I thought I was brutal back then lol
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