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  1. im there edit: date change is dead
  2. Please get some sleep man! Nevertheless amazing progress!!
  3. Welcome, Conor! You Irish gorilla
  4. Nah bro this thread wins
  5. Welcome to Zenyte, broski.
  6. Absolutely love the thread layout! One bit of advice, change the progress statistic to 33/2277 instead of the other way round. Good luck, my man!
  7. Are you joking me? Of course I will
  8. Let's go sonnnnnnnnnnnn. Good luck, my man.
  9. Hola, Zenyte. Here’s a list of a few suggestions I think would be beneficial and neat additions to the QoL and gameplay of Zenyte (Please bare in mind these might already be in development or might already be in-game, which I’m not aware of): Skillcape Perks I’ve not once played a server where skillcapes, mainly gathering (etc) skills, are beneficial to wear. It would be awesome to see a player proud to wear a cape they’ve achieved and for a reason! Ironmen Advantages I think this game mode would be instantly ruined if Ironmen had ability to gain financial advantages through the donator store. Benefits such as instance entries and untradeables are great, though! Once again, this may be something that is already in the script, and I hope so. Boss Heads Now I’m not sure on how commonly the heads of Zenyte’s bosses will be dropped but, from past experience, I have accumulated a lot on a server with fairly stable drop rates and I had no use of them. Maybe we could trade them in to our assigned slayer master and receive XP or points as a reward. Ring of Wealth (i) Wilderness Effect To increase activity of the wilderness and, well, add incentives to slayer in the wilderness, I think adding double drop rates of Clue Scrolls of NPCs killed in the wilderness when wearing this specific ring would be a great addition. ZMI Altar Personally Runecrafting is a draining skill for myself, and I’m sure it is for you too, so I think that the addition of the ZMI Altar would be a great way to obtain a mass amount of various runes (especially for us Ironman folk). Not only would this be beneficial for a lot of players, I rarely see this on any server. Bank Value Now, with the implementation of the RuneLite client, this could possibly already be in-game. We all love to see our bank grow with wealth, and it’s even better when we have numbers to look at! I know it’s a tough one to balance due to the economies of RSPS’s, but with the GE I’m sure we could string the average buy/sell prices to the price of each item. Clan Wars This is a tricky one, everyone would love to see this in-game but would it be active? Probably not. Therefore, I think there should be incentives to participate in this minigame because it is one of the most fun things to do. Possibly add an untradeable store which you can buy with a point currency earned from wins with your clan. Gambling Now, the Duel Arena is something we can’t avoid and why would we want to? Features such as Dice and Flower gambling has a MASSIVE impact within the server and sometimes can be, in a sense, positive but usually it’s negative. I’ve witnessed endless amount of servers going downhill because a handful of player hold the eco and it’s incredibly easy to get involved with gambling which always ends in one way... Losing everything and most likely quitting. I’m not against gambling as a whole, but maybe somehow stabilise this to prevent it from destroying the balance of the economy. Maybe my opinion on this is wrong and too personal, but I am a strong believer in balance within the community, not just the economy. Karuulm Slayer Master I’d love to see this in-game. Not only does this have a great benefit of additional loot with the keys which are dropped, but it also allows us to slay in territory which we usually wouldn’t do. Us Ironmen need those supply loots These suggestions are just personal thoughts that I think would be nice additions. I’m sure you guys have plenty to disagree with, please let me know! After all, Zenyte is the server we’re all going to play and love, so we should discuss the possible suggested future changes within. Thank you, Snoe.
  10. Very nice, and convenient, way of obtaining forum armours
  11. Very nice video, my man! Keep up the content
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