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  1. Not bad. he either got skull tricked or was risking a shit ton to prot over a anguish :/. either way feelsbadman.
  2. Definitely Interesting to see! Appreciate the time taken on the post. A Good Read Forsure .
  3. Hopefully sooner than later.. BiS items are crucial. Cant wait!
  4. USA problems cant watch in my country and my free VPN has expired.. FEELSBADMAN!
  5. who woulda thought Newgate would be an #Elite Iron! . You love to see it! . Nice vid bro
  6. Welcome back fam! Goodluck on the Gains!
  7. Duty


    Although i only play iron on Zenyte, these looks like some well thought out suggestions/ways to get more people in the wilderness! +1
  8. Damnnn! This is really clean! Great Job!
  9. Welcome Samra! If you love OSRS, you'll love it here! Have fun .
  10. no worries . was just trolling tbh . nice video nonetheless!
  11. Yikes man thats an actual sore to my eyes.. I hope you get it soon .
  13. God Bless You Bro. Will def keep this in mind if I see anyone struggling etc. Very Kind of YOU!
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