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  1. t- 15 minutes. good luck everyone~

    Image result for runescape meme

  2. srry I only hit for 100s+
  3. I too am 21 and live in the North America area. we have so much in common omg
  4. ^ me, as Sonic, trying to join PWJ edit: and uTorrent as Lucy
  5. Hi peeps, First off, I'm new to this forum. I might be ignorant of what exists or is currently in development. I'm not sure if either of these ideas has been suggested yet, but two things from me: Forum Search Bar Registration Referrals Forum Search Bar I can't seem to find any place on the forum where you can manually look up terms/users/etc. and search for content. Typically there's a search bar right-justified on breadcrumbs or at the top of the forum. I noticed there are filters for topics, but I can't find a direct search functionality anywhere. Edit, as there actually is a link (thanks Shark!) -- https://forums.zenyte.com/search Registration Referrals Like many private server players, I was referred to Zenyte by a friend. While registering I was hoping I could type their name into a referral field, but didn't see one. I don't know how in-game/forum registrations will differ, but I would definitely include a referral system somewhere (even without rewards). Other Also, there's a slight visual offset on the navigation bar when viewing Community (but not other) website pages. I'm sure this is obvious to most people. I'm using Chrome on Windows 10. Second, when using bulleted/numbered lists in forum posts, there's no way to change the formatting of bullets/numbers (at least, I can't figure out how to). They're stuck at size 14 white font. That's pretty much it. I know the game/website are a work in progress, and these suggestions likely would have been implemented later on, but I didn't want them to be forgotten. The forum looks beautiful and the website is very professional. Can't wait to see the game itself. Thanks!
  6. Hi, welcome. Your signature has a typo: "You just have to me humble"
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