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  1. i dont think we've spoke before either, but thanks for the offer, will do if needed!
  2. thank you mr @200M Dancingyou still gotta teach me something before i will make you admin. yes bro jasxr, good guy man! welcome Thank you brother! i will hit you up ingame if needed man! ALSO: I dont have an obsession in sommer ray.
  3. been good talks man, also you were the one helping me out when i started, and i appreciate it man! thank you man! welcome!
  4. Welcome fam&friend&cc member yes it's nice to meet you g, also thank you for buying my bunny ears :3
  5. Benz you sound like a gangster after a convo with you on discord (BEFORE YOU LEFT ME THERE ALONE) thank you man will do incase i'd need help man! Sir hassan one of the best mods, but no one can reach the level @200M Dancingis on!
  6. hello yall gamers out there, i just started this game a few days ago, my ingame name is Sommer Ray. I hope to get to know you all really well, community seems to be more than decent (i've met some super nice people here so far in the time i've been part of the community).
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