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  1. Who has a faster time? (firecape) - Used 4.7% In Zulrah scales ~300 Darts
  2. Think outside the box when running multiple accounts at once. It can be VERY beneficial for GP the gains. I know you will figure it out on you're own thats the best way too ensure a good solid money maker. Use you're head Lillia.
  3. Congratz, I know the work you put into getting those boots.
  4. aSRDvpw.png


    Too my great friend @deeboy8910 thankyou so much for your business.

    You make me a happy player today.


  5. KTkueWO.png



    Just what we do round here.

    #gains #richasfuck #letsgetrich

    #ecoking #richestingame #donthatetheGRIND

    1. Dee1337


      @2m less randoms today bro sending 6 on all my accs. TRYNA AFK BRO AND U DO THIS TOO ME LN lol

  6. If you haven't seen this check it out. Still looking for more beats. Hit me up Inbox on here or Email me beats!
  7. Thanks It was shame @fawk can't be original and copies my posts lmfao.
  8. misleading but nice too see this Meme still exist
  9. IF YOU ARE NOT RUNNING ALT ACCOUNTS YOU ARE NEVER GOING TOO BE AS RICH AS ME. Hey, whenever I play the wonderful Zenyte I play it on 5 accounts all making me cash at once. This is how I have Donated $50 too the game (all through INGAME GP) RULES TOO ALTS: - None use as many as you like. How too find money making methods: Because you are using more than 3+ accounts It is worth finding a very AFK method that you can KEEP UP WITH. Very interesting ways too watch the gains come in and do content you would never do before. Goodluck everyone I have made over 150m+ Zenyte gold using Alternate accounts and It is only going too increase.... -** WHEN PLAYING ALTS ITS EASY TOO BURN OUT **-
  10. kMc1zSt.png


    100m Cooking Xp 25.07.2020


    Lets go.

  11. There are so many people you will be overcome with joy that you have arrived here. So Let me be the first too give you a warm welcome and say, Welcome too Zenyte RSPS the best around.
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    Back at the guild for some Bird's Nest's

    1. Ched Bundy

      Ched Bundy

      amazing pic

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