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  1. You will simply learn how to do it better when you've got the rotations down. You won't have to think of what's coming next then, which you currently do and you have to stand still and wait. Once you know, you can automatically run to the next place as soon as it dips whilst changing gear/prays and miss out on no attacking time.
  2. Someone got it before you unfortunately
  3. Nice to see a planned event instead of it just popping up randomly. Also nice to see good/hard items instead of just a whip every time. Nice work!
  4. Funniest Player: Shlap Most Active on Forums: - Most Active In-Game: Best Guide Creator: @GepanBest Video Creator: @tiduscross Best Streamer: @Echo Favorite Update: Tithe farmFavorite Event: Zcl, only event I can think of other than weekly pest control I've seen in last two monthsFavorite Boss: ZulrahFavorite Skill: SlayerFavorite Pet: Zulrah
  5. Nice, hopefully DKS will come soon after. 1) Is the 1.5m price the same for irons? I know kris said it would be cheaper on discord 2) Is there not a timer for how long instances will last instead of everyone leaving? Normie accounts can just keep bringing alts to drop food
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