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  1. Exactly, but according to the wiki, this area is also considered as the wilderness. Not worried about the items i lost, just gotta grind them back, just frustrating i didn't get a warning. Maybe add some warnings for future uims that will destroy it in the wildy below level 1! Kind regards, Zuk'
  2. Hello, I explained the story to Gepan already but i got told to make a thread. So i wanted to retrieve items from my looting bag, i usually suicide at monkey guards or zulrah to get my items out of it. Tired of dieing, i wanted to find another way. I found out if you destroy the bag in the wildy you would get ur items on the floor. I did some research on the WIKI (which is linked to Zenyte) and it tells me that: "As Ultimate Ironman players cannot use the bank, the only way for them to get the contents inside is to die, or destroy the bag in the Wilderness and pick up the items." So i went over to the ditch and got this message: "If you go any further you will enter the wilderness" (see picture i attached to the post for proof) i crossed the ditch, now being in wilderness according to Zenyte( the warning message) and wiki (wilderness map) i destroyed the bag. All my items are gone, the bag aswell. After that, i got told that i had to be in level 1 in wildy to get all the items spawned on the floor. There's was no warning or infos about that i had to be in level 1 Items i lost (what i can remember of): 1.7k dragon darts (unf), archer rings, 6k mithril darts, saradomin coif, 100 mithril bars, 20 runite bars, 800 death runes, 800 chaos rune, 300 super attack (4), 50 brews, 70 super restores... I can't remember all of them, what i listed are the one i can remember of (sadly got no pic). I would understand the no refund policy to uim, but i was in the wilderness according to zenyte and according to the wiki. Quite unfair. Thank you for the feedback, contact me if you need any info Zuk
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