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  1. I agree there definitely should be a cash sink. As far as crashing prices, I dont see it as being too much of an issue due to the ironman population. As for the seaweed suggestion, even a slight buff the quantities would be nice. This suggestion in total was the last on the list for a reason, not pushing it as hard as #1 and #2. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Hello Zenyters, While I understand that some of the suggestions I am about to list below may have already been made, I just wanted to put my own personal take on things from a player who has spent their last week grinding on their HCIM. The first thing I have noticed is that playing any Ironman on 10x or 5x, it is extremely difficult to stock up on enough runes. I play on 10x so maybe for those on 25x may not feel this way but it is very hard to efficiently level crafting when I can only buy 250 astrals before having to wait 15+ minutes for the store to stock back. Suggestion: Increase rune quantity in all rune shops or having runes restock every game tick. I personally have not started PvM on my account but I see MANY complaints about trying to do GwD, DKS, etc. as an iron and EVEN a normal account. Suggestion: Create instances or private rooms for the previously mentioned bosses similar to that of the Kraken boss on osrs and require a gp fee to do so. Suggestion: Add giant seaweed to charter shops. Maybe add a deposit box near all charter shops. Again, apologies if some of these were already suggested. I wanted to emphasize these and hopefully we can see the easier ones in game soon. Thanks for your time and consideration.
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