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  1. Oh cool! Thanks for the tip, ill add that to the guide
  2. Welcome to Zenyte Gergely! I hope you enjoy your time here. My PM's are always open!
  3. Here is my method from 85-99 that is profitable if you do it properly, I hope this helps some people who are looking for an afk'able way to 99. Items Needed: ~3M Cash knife Bow String Magic Logs Level Requrement: 85 Buy Around 1,000 Magic Logs from the GE if you do not have them already, as of right now they are running around 800gp each. If you chopped them from Woodcutting that's even better, use those to save some cash. You can also buy 1,000 Bow String while you're in the GE to save you some time. If they don't buy immediately just wait for it. By the time you're done with the next couple steps the order should fill. Grab a knife, you can get one from Jackie located at home in the Northwestern most building to the left of the Achievement Hall or from the Wintertodt boss/minigame in one of the crates. Change your bank withdrawal/deposit quantity to All and click on the stack of magic logs in your bank Cut all 1k logs into Magic Longbows (u) and deposit them into your bank for safe keeping until you're done Once you're done cutting all those logs into Magic Longbows (u), use the Bow String on the Magic Longbow (u) to make Magic Longbows (Magic Longbows at the time of writing this are selling on the GE for ~827gp each but they can be high alched for ~1,536gp each. You can high alch all 1k if you'd like but for the sake of saving some time and if you don't have the required level to high alch you can just sell to the general store at home or at the general store in West Ardougne for close to alch price, this giving a decent profit as well as a boat load of experience. Rinse and repeat this process to 99!
  4. Woah cool update, cant wait to fight for the VOTM!
  5. oh cool! thank you sharing this
  6. I would really enjoy this! Great idea!
  7. I know a lot of people ask what the drop rate of an item is on an enemy and you need to go through the hassle of searching the enemy or item in the UI. Why not enable a feature that allows people to right click > examine an enemy to see their drop table? This would allow for a easier look at the drop table for enemies. I know that if you just had it bring up the UI on the examine click it would close almost immediately when the enemy attacks you so why not put a breif overview of the rare drop table in the messages block in the game filter tab.
  8. xer

    Poll Booths

    Ah okay, I understand. Just was thinking for those players that don’t surf the forum as much as others. Make it easier for people to know what could be implemented without shifting through forum posts.
  9. Poll Booths are always a great option to get ideas across from devs to the community. These are already coded in (if you click on one in game it shows a template of sorts of a blank slate poll list). The devs take ideas from the forum here that they think are eligible to be added to the poll booth. The players vote on which ones to be added. I know not everyone browses the forum and I am sure some more people would like to have a say in what is and isn't added and this would be a great way of doing it.
  10. Thank you Benz, the pleasure is all mine
  11. thank you for sharing this.. is this patched? still working?
  12. Great guide, will be using this method for sure once I get my d Warhammer from shamans!
  13. thanks for sharing where to check KC
  14. xer

    Vorki Vorkath

    Great guide, thank you. I will be learning Vorkath here soon.
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