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  1. Hello. As of late April up until now I've had a blast playing Zenyte for almost a total of 6 months, for most of it I have been behind the scenes and keeping a low profile. A truly first for me in terms of the RSPS scene where for so long the game has been balanced and there hasn't been an update that completely nullifies all progress through pay to win items or similar and has always stayed true to it's core, at least from my perspective. The transparency about things going on with the server is a very good and positive approach. Along with past and current server supports, myself and others have certainly received a lot of answers to in-game related questions in the help chat, especially in the beginning which was and is very helpful. People who wrote the in-game guides also had a positive impact. I did all the things I wanted to do all the way from collecting red spider's eggs as a first money maker and wilderness slayer to finishing all achievement diaries and doing my first ever solo raids and master clues. What seemed like a truly far away endgame content and lengthy requirements at the start of the summer has surprisingly all been finished as if it was done in a week. I also had the joy to play the game at it's peak player count near late spring and summer with the 1 year celebration and it really was a one-time wholesome experience. Through different drop parties, hide & seeks, lucky drops/clues and overall other helpful players I managed to continue my journey all the way to the finish line. All the items received during the 6 months were given away today at the Falador party room and it really has come to a full circle, where my journey has finished and someone else's journey is just beginning. Thank you to all the people who have directly and indirectly contributed to the journey, both for me and other players, it has been one fun ride.
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