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  1. Zenyte In-game name: Currently it's "Godt". Discord user name: HushFriend#5964 Timezone: NA East. Time Played In-game (provide screenshot): How many bugs have you reported on discord/forums? I can't remember honestly. I do play tons of games, however I am interested in yours. If you're interested in me, my time in turn would be dedicated. What unreleased content are you looking forward to testing and what is your experience with that content? Anything that has to do with Pking ideas/content/smoothing/technique/bugs/anything worth fixing or anything you wish me to mention. Additional details: I've played these servers as well as RuneScape since I was in the first grade. I'm turning 27 soon and I've got nothing but years and years of experience and ideas. I know how things should work although I may not know the program language, I know it by touch.
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