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  1. Keep grinding bro - love the vid
  2. Welcome to Trusted - Zenyte's First Established Gambling CC The prevalence of scams at the moment is worrying - feel safe when you gamble by playing against trusted hosts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Earned - 400m - 800m - Earned - Owners [email protected]@Mew2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lastly, please make sure you gamble responsibly. Gambling can be addictive and doing so on Zenyte might be a healthy way to do so. That being said, we strongly advise players only gamble what they are willing to lose. Lose streaks happen, losing once doesn't make it more likely to win a later round as each roll/plant is random and unrelated to previous games. A great strategy to enjoy gambling in a responsible way is to hold onto important items that help you make money on the server. Use those items to make money and gamble that instead! DOUBLING IS A VERY BAD STRATEGY! Gamble With Caution List:
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