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  1. Yeah it's staff feedback but you're just attacking the ones you've had 'problems' with in the past. I can get many pictures of staff providing wrong information in the CC, as it happens. Yet you've only shown a picture of someone doing it who you've had past problems with. Which again, trying to out someone for giving one bit of wrong information is stupid.
  2. That is an awful example you have provided.. I can say; That's like when you're hungry, but you cook a meal that can take some time to make sure it's a good meal to satisfy you. Just how, they take time to pick their SS to make sure they're good and satisfy the needs of a team. Yes, they're saying they need people which is why people should apply. You can't just apply and be given the role, that thinking is crazy. If they didn't make sure someone ticked all the criteria to become a server support and just handed them out as soon as someone applied, their would be many useless staff members. I'm not saying your upset at all, I just don't think you're understanding of that you simply do not get something as soon as you wish. IRL Jobs, You apply, you go through interviews etc to make sure you fit their criteria, it takes times but you soon find out if you get accepted or not. That being said, if it has taken longer than a couple weeks, I can see where you are coming from as it shouldn't take that long.
  3. You don't just put a staff application in and get a response at the click of your fingers. It can take days, weeks, it all depends on different criteria. You have not been playing the server for a 'long' period of time, so they will be checking on you for a longer period of time. It's good seeing people help in CC for a day, 2 days but they want to make sure they at least keep up with the help for a long period of time before chucking someone a rank, with that being said, I have seen a couple of SS slip into the team somehow. All you gotta do is just keep helping and stay active and I'm sure they will get around to you in a couple weeks maximum! GL Edit; Also, with the picture that you showed of @Gepan getting something wrong in the CC is proper digging into a reason to bitch about someone who you clearly don't like for whatever reason happened before. People get stuff wrong, they're not robots. Whilst this game is very similar to OSRS it's not a 1;1 remake so wrong answers will be given at times. I've played RS for over 13 years and I will still provide/forget information about the game at times.
  4. Random teams is such an awful idea, can see this being a massive flop this way. I'll be participating but if I get put into a team with 3 randies, who barely play/quit in the first week, it will just result in me stopping. I can imagine this is how it's going to be for most players as well. Teams won't be overpowered, everyone can grind and if they can't do simple bosses then how are they going to obtain points anyway? They will just be a massive burden on a team which is unfair. Imagine getting put into a team and you're the only one that can PVM/boss? This event is literally just based completely off RNG straight from the get go on who you get in your team tbh. Would hope to see points per 99/xp in different skills for those who can't pvm otherwise what is the point in having them in a team apart from to try leech a win Hope I am wrong and all goes well, well done for getting it sorted though!
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