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  1. Magic notepaper is an interesting idea. it came out with that squeal of fortune thing in rs3 if i remember correctly. Was quite a nice QOL update but I'd argue that it kind of goes against the 1:1 concept and is perhaps too op - I'm concerned if it would cause a flood of skilling secondaries. Some beta testing would need to be done to determine the rate at which you would get these/the cost of them from a store.
  2. Can't wait to see a full rare set! Not sure anyone has one.
  3. Thanks for doing this man, really cool to scroll through this and see everything!
  4. Thanks for your help man! It was just a joke but i still appreciate the help
  5. Lovely guide - glad the rules have been clarified for this. PS: How do i report a signature?
  6. huge gz brotha, very impressive grind.
  7. Not gonna say welcome because it doesnt seem like you're new XD Gl with the grind tho, I will stay tuned.
  8. Interesting idea - i can relate to @Great Chaosthat it's a very expensive cape to achieve bc of the instance cost. The existence of inferno in this game is to fill the role as the "hardest pvm challenge". On this server, it definetly lives up to its name. The practice instance cost is steep, especially considering its a private server; that being said, the cost is basically the cost of your time as most people practice the higher waves (40+) to skip the early and more straightforward waves. I like the fact that if people want to speed up getting their cape they need to pay a significant amount to do so, as in the time it takes me to do 1-40 for example, i could easily make the 1.5m practice mode fee elsewhere. If you struggle to make money on the other hand, then u pay with ur time itself by starting from the beginning every time. The difficulty of the inferno is not just the final run itself but the effort it takes to learn the mechanics. My concern in making this "infernoman" game mode is that you take away the time/cost needed to practice and earn the cape as you could just spawn yourself with max gear/stats to practice and then just run the real thing on your main when u've practiced it enough. Also, plz don't make infernal cape a p2w cape.
  9. Can't wait for the new series! Great name btw!!
  10. Wow, the time and effort you have put into this is extremely impressive and will be hugely useful to the community. Thanks for the effort you took in making [email protected] - keep up the fantastic work.
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