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  1. This looks awesome. Thanks @Gepanfor helping organize this! Can't wait for this to start!!
  2. This is an ambitious project. It would be cool but not sure its the best use of time at the moment. i like the idea though
  3. accepted ---- pm any general rank for a discord invite ----
  4. A burthore locked UIM, thats new
  5. EZ accept, welcome Sorry this was so delayed --- accepted accepted accepted accepted ---- pm any general rank for a discord invite ----
  6. Question 1: I was curious why we have fingertips and not toetips, yet we can tiptoe and tipfinger??? Question 2: Is your belly button an innie or an outie?
  7. Wow this is pretty hectic! Takes me back to 06 pking out of varrock east bank.
  8. Mew2

    RNG Gone Wrong

    Ughhhhh tragic :((( The unicorn horn mask is pretty unique tho
  10. Was an epic update to work through. Thanks for your hard work @Kris
  11. It's a private server at the end go the day so I don't see why not. What about a chance of receiving lamps from collecting skills, like finding a lamp while mining/fishing/wcing etc...?
  12. Thanks for another great guide
  13. Cool progress thread. What are you grinding atm?
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