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  1. I will not do an inferno for anyone. I disagree personally with the concept but I know I am biased. It is a private server and I understand that argument. Just make it expensive.
  2. 1. Donator Onyx 2. Maxed + Comp (What is comp?) 3. All the Work+the one that has no life: 107 days played = 2568 hours Pasted Graphic.tiff.tiff 4. You Zuk +Man’s Best Friend + Exterminator (Regarding “Exterminator) I have 1000 raid kills on my account. Each raid will have at least 10 npc to kill throughout it 5. Great Thinker: Beta tested numerous (over 100) fixes and changes for varied things across the game - one of the main areas of this has been raid mechanic changes/improvements (kris incorporating scouting layouts and thieving room update). prolonged active and passive involvement in numerous coordinating roles from runnning pest control events, proposing regular wintertodt events, pk events (originally hosted through my clan), hide n seek events (personally donated over 5b to the community) 6. Game Junkie Yup 7. Bug Buster: Clues Hunter rework Gargoyle bosses Presets Corp core Repeated raid fixes Magic wardrobe box Clues Committed significant time to working with Tommeh to test Maiden (85%was just about done), Bloat (50-75% done), Nylo (slight spawn issues but was 50-75% done) 8.Competition Winner: Zenyte Team Bingo Competition -> 1st place 500m OSRS GP prize winner 9. Zenytian: Yup 10. Discord Nitro Booster (multiple months), QA team, Events Team: Yup 11. Community Medal Nomination Request I would like to request the recognition of my time on zenyte as enough to have earned the community medal ribbon Pasted Graphic.tiff.tiff Pasted Graphic.tiff.tiff
  3. You are slightly masochistic and definetly not human. Regardless im very impressed and glad you made this thread. Keep it up - can't wait to watch the olmlet grind.
  4. Can you show which specific item in the chest is the correct gloves.
  5. Didn't know you very well but alway sucks to see a long-time member/staff go. That being said I have a lot of respect for this post and pray it doesn't fall on deaf ears. All the best.
  6. How did you lose your account? Welcome to Zenyte tho, glad to see someone with so much rs experience. Hope you stick around.
  7. @DreadAccepted. Message Mew2#3359 on discord. @Skeamer need to actually provide info on your account bro
  8. Nice work @[email protected] Big shoutout to @Ghostand @Passionfor putting in so much effort on the QA side. Sorry I couldn't be around to help out more.
  9. This is an ambitious project. It would be cool but not sure its the best use of time at the moment. i like the idea though
  10. accepted ---- pm any general rank for a discord invite ----
  11. A burthore locked UIM, thats new
  12. EZ accept, welcome Sorry this was so delayed --- accepted accepted accepted accepted ---- pm any general rank for a discord invite ----
  13. Question 1: I was curious why we have fingertips and not toetips, yet we can tiptoe and tipfinger??? Question 2: Is your belly button an innie or an outie?
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