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  1. Zenyte Community, We have seen an overwhelming amount of support since the last update and have reached remarkable numbers on our player count. I would like to say thank you to all of our members. We had a great turn out with the PVP armor update, and it seems like this month is just breezing by so I would like to introduce the Community Poll I for January 2021. We believe there will be two polls for January 2021 at this point due to content discussion(s). Sincerely, Matt NOTE: THIS WILL NOT BE THE ONLY UPDATES CONDUCTED IN NEXT UPDATE REVISION THIS IS ONLY THE CONTENT WE WISH TO POLL. IN-GAME CONTENT God "Bird" Pets We would like to introduce the Saradomin Owl, Guthix Raptor, and Zamarok Hawk into the server and have them obtainable by two methods. The first method as a rare drop from using an egg on the woodcutting guild. You will be able to obtain a increased amount of eggs from birdhouse runs because the "gold ring" nest would be removed and all current drops moved up in the ring table. An example would be as followed: Sapphire Ring 1/3 Emerald Ring 1/6 Ruby Ring 1/11 Diamond Ring 1/75 Bird's Nest (Egg) 1/75 However keep in mind you will still need to have RNG on your side when you sacrifice the egg to the shrine. This drop rate is currently undefined. You would also have a overall chance to obtain a pet from a birdhouse in the rate of for example 1/1000. aOY11lrlcA.mp4 xx98QkV8nd.mp4 1DFhvTdx2m.mp4 Pest Control Changes The Zenyte Events Team and Server Management has recently been receiving feedback in regards to the Pest Control. We understand that the minigame is held on a bi-daily basis so we want to give an opportunity to provide more rewards. We are proposing these three changes: Herb Boxes (Purchased from the Shop) Seed Boxes (Purchased from the Shop) We would also like to give the ability to trade a full set of void without a helmet to a Administrator+ for 3 pet mystery boxes. Swamp Crabs & Mort Myre Fungus The Community has provided a lot of feedback in concerns to the current player base and herblore supplies. One of the ones of big demand is Mort Myre Fungus. We have decided to come up with a a solution and that would be to add onto the drop table at a chance of 1/3 (33%) the ability to drop 3 noted Mort Myre Fungi. Loyalty Shop Rework We have been in discussion(s) of a current rework on the Loyalty Shop we have obtained a handful of items such as: Bone Sack Gadderhammer Golden Helmet Mouse Toy Ratcatcher Poll However we have not finalized any specific additional or changes would a Loyalty shop rework be something we as a community would like to see if so we will create a specific topic in the suggestions board to get opinions, and suggestions. Statius Warhammer The Statius Warhammer was not coded on OSRS to be used during raids so we would like to propose the idea to allow it to build a COX Chest similar to the mechanic for the Dragon Warhammer.
  2. Example: Your name: Manager Matt Ironman Status: Regular Ironman Proof: Would you like this as your primary role?: Yes
  3. Ironman Forum Group Guidelines As a Ironman you will have the ability to pick between Ironman, Hardcore Ironman and Ultimate Ironman forum groups. Donator Transfer Guides You must reply to this topic with a screenshot of your in-game ironman status (game noticebord preferred) If you remove or de-iron your ironman status you will need to contact a member of the Staff Team to have the group removed from your forum account. Requesting a Ironman Forum Group Reply with the following template: Your name: Ironman Status: Proof: Would you like this as your primary role?: Your name: Ironman Status: Proof: Would you like this as your primary role?: Note: A primary role means that your forum account will display the Ironman color, and layout instead of your current none-donator or donator status. Here is a few examples:
  4. Hello Community, The Staff Team would like to obtain an opinion from members of our community prior to the release of the January content poll for January 2021. The four questions are as followed: 1.) Do you think that the current donator ranks above ruby should be lowered in price due to the current player count and price of bonds? 2.) Should we allow a section for vouches on the forums for services such as gambling and services? 3.) If we add a section on the forums for vouches should we add an official middleman role on discord/forums that can be applied for. This position will require a deposit, and be held to a higher standard then a normal account for scamming/rules. For example 100% of their middleman services will be required to be video recorded. They will also have access to a dice bag. We may even implement the ability to refund players if a scam does occur by a official middleman. There will not be a custom rank in-game. 4.) Should we allow donators the ability to add a custom rank that meets guidelines set by the server's rules it would be located here :
  5. What is an "Item Thirst" event & what will this consist of? The Zenyte Event Team will broadcast a list of items that players must obtain or hunt in order to win an undetermined amount of store credits, which can be exchanged for in-game armory/weapons, supplies, cosmetic items and so on & so forth! What are the rules/regulations? - Commencement date/time: Sunday , January 12th 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) - Concluded date/time: Sunday, January 19th 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) - All game modes are free to participate bearing in mind usual Iron man restrictions/HC deaths will still apply - Official Zenyte rules must be followed at all times - Store credits will be provided once the event has concluded - Any screen captures MUST be posted on this exact topic (no screen capture no reward) - The Event/Administration team reserve the rights to suspend any members as they deem necessary First player to obtain a piece of Vesta's equipment Reward: $50.00 bond Winner: @lhvgn67 First player to obtain a piece of Statius's equipment Reward: $50.00 bond Winner: @jimgascan First player to obtain a piece of Morrigan's Armor Reward: $50.00 bond Winner: @Gritty First player to obtain a piece of Zuriel's Armor Reward: $50.00 bond Winner: @lhvgn67 First one to obtain a Twisted Ancestral Colour Kit Reward: $10.00 bond Winner: @Itzcnote100
  6. Happy New Year! The New Year is finally here and I want to extend a thank you to each and every one of our community members. We have been hard at work over the last couple of months and I would like to take an opportunity to share some of our plans for 2021. During the Christmas Announcement I acknowledged that 2020 had a lot of lost hope, and broken promises so we as a Management Team and Development Team have came together on multiple occasion(s) and asked what a realistic plan for 2021 would be. We want to present something to the community that we can be transparent with progress and show our members that there is action behind our words. Here is an update at some of the current projects: January Update The update is currently at a 90% completion threshold and is currently being added to the staging server (beta test server) for at least a week of full QA testing by the QA Team, Staff Team and Development Team it consist(s) of a completion of roughly 40 issues/tickets including PVP armors and other new content. This should be in the live game by end of 2nd week of January. Server Infrastructure and Forum Update Our IT Security Administrator, Lead Developer, Server Manager and Forums Administrator spent the majority of New Years Eve on a video call adding the final touches to our server security update, forums 4.5.4 update, theme update, and other minor behind the scene changes that will allow for easier transition in the future for integration with updates. You as a community member will notice a decent amount of changes such as themes, profile options, additional roles such as Ironman, Hardcore Iron, and Ultimate Ironman available on the forums once this is implemented. This update is currently completed behind the scenes and will be implemented in the near future. Server Bug Reports/Suggestions The Staff Team and Development Team has tackled the challenge of organizing and reclassifying all of the tickets that are on our development platform. There was currently 309 tickets dated from 2019 to 2020. We have reviewed each of these tickets and reclassified them based upon priority level. This will allow us to forward content to be worked on almost instantly instead of browsing through 16 pages of tickets for example. January Content Poll We are already in the process of creating a content poll for January in order to have a steady pace of updates coming into the server. We had about a two to three week turnaround time from content poll to QA server for the December Content Poll and we want to continue on with this trend. Theatre of Blood We have selected the Theatre of Blood to be the major content to be developed on during any free time outside of the monthly updates. The Development Team has reviewed the current stage of development with the collaboration of previous staff members and this seems to be the closest project to completion. Jakey will be planning/working on this outside of his current obligations to our content poll updates. However once a new developer is fully onboarded he or she will be fully focused on this content update. Here is a few updates on our current progress and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me in a private message! Sincerely,
  7. Wilderness Slayer - PVP Armors - Community Poll Zenyte Community, The Development Team has been working on the update(s) listed in content poll for December and requested that we poll the drop mechanic of the PVP armors from the Wilderness Slayer the three options are as followed: 1.) This option will be to have the item** drop from the NPC after death. (An example would be after you kill 1 skeleton on a slayer task it will have the ability to drop a piece of the PVP armor) 2.) This option will be to have the item** dropped after a Slayer Task has been completed. (An example would be after 100 skeletons or whatever your full task is you have a chance of obtaining a piece of the PVP armor) Item** = is indicating a piece of the PVP armor(s)
  8. The Runescape Private Server community has a lot of different servers to offer so after a discussion with the Management Team we have decided to start rewarding people who are both referred and the player(s) who provided the referral. We will be providing a free upgrade to Sapphire donator status to all new referred players. We will also provide a free upgrade to Sapphire to the person who provided the referral if they are currently not a donator. However in the case the person is currently a donator they will be provided a $25.00 balance toward their next donator status. They may refer up to 2 people obtaining a total of $50.00 towards their next donator status. I will give you an example of a scenario that would be considered acceptable if a new player named John_Smith is referred he is rewarded with a free Sapphire Donator upgrade. If John_Smith then refers two other individuals he can then obtain a Emerald Donator upgrade without spending any coins or cash. To be considered a new player they must not be a member of the Zenyte community (this includes alternative accounts) or if they are a returning member of the Zenyte community they must not have played at all on any account within the last 6 months. A referred player must obtain at least 96 hours (4 days) of in-game time for both them and the person who provided their referral to be eligible for the reward. There will also be no credits provided with the donator status it will only have the mechanical benefits provided here. Please read the follow guidelines on instructions on how to obtain your reward today!
  9. Here is an example of a reply to this thread that should be done within 24-48 hours of a referred player creating a new account! Username: John Smith Referred by: Yamato69 Once John Smith has created 96 hours (4) days of in-game time he will then create a thread as described above.
  10. Refer a Friend Guidelines Refer a Friend Program is a program that allows member(s) of our community to obtain up to a Emerald role without utilizing any type of real life or in-game currency. You just need to invite your friends to join you on your adventure! Refer a Friend Guidelines If you refer someone you must inform them to submit a reply to this topic informing that you referred them within 24 to 48 hours of joining the server. (If they do not reply to this thread within the first 24 to 48 hours you will not be eligible for a referral credit) Once the referred player reaches 96 hours (4) days of in-game time they will submit a topic inside the "General Support" section on the forums. (An example will be below) A member of the Management Team will then reward both the person who referred the individual and the person who got referred. It is important to note you will only receive the amount donate (donator rank) and not store credits. The Template will be as followed: The Thread Title: Thread title should be [Referral Request] Referred Person's Name Username: Referred by: Did you post a reply in the Refer a Friend Guidelines? If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to a member of the Staff Team!
  11. The "Herblore Only" Challenge Hello Members, I would like to present to you a unique challenge.. I would like to see someone obtain 99 herblore without having any other 99s. This means you will have to battle through obtaining the herbs with having only a limited amount of Combat XP, Slayer XP and Farming XP to work with. I know this will be an extremely challenging challenge so the first player to obtain this achievement will receive a $50.00 bond! The rules are simple you must have created the account after this thread has been posted and the account must be a Ironman! Best of luck, Matt
  12. Rules have been updated on 12/26/20 please read and understand all new rules and punishments.
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