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  1. Glory be to zamorak, may he give me strength to fight the heathens that patrol the wilderness, chaos and destruction is the only way and with the great ones blessing i shall slay them one baragga, ags double maul at a time, Hail Zamorak!!
  2. Ign: Athera / cb 126 Ty boop
  3. This is the drama that I’m talking about, if the comment someone posts doesn’t promote a healthy vibe then why post it? Being toxic and silly will not progress this server, working together and discussing said issues will help so much more, we’re all here because we enjoy this game so work together as a community and it will thrive, this server has so much potential and I won’t give up on it.
  4. Over the past few weeks I’ve seen a ton of drama with the staff or whatever and it’s in turn hurting the game which I enjoy a lot! I don’t want to see Zenyte close, this server plays very well compared to a lot of other servers, it just has a very clean feel to it. I guess what I’m saying is just keep any drama aside from zenyte, hopefully the game can get some regular updates again too, many people were riding on construction and tob, but honestly I just like updates, as it gives me new stuff to dive into and defeats that stagnancy that sometimes happens when you repeat the same stuff. Take it easy guys.
  5. This song gives me pure nostalgic vibes of me playing dave mira pro bmx 2 on my playstation 2, its also what spurred me to ride bmx irl, brings me back to happier times
  6. How have i just seen this, big up uk, that skeng was fire and long like my nokia charge wire
  7. The spinolyp's will get you next time
  8. now this is my kind of content, Hopefully this makes people want to pk more, the pvm side of the server is top notch but i think with some pvp updates here and there it will increase our playerbase, i know a lot of people on this server that like to pk but the wild is always empty so they don't play as much, looking forward to it and ill definetly be playing
  9. Sign me up, im dropping rares that day
  10. Thanks for this, happy birthday zenyte, by far the most fun server ive played tbh, not been this hooked on a server for years.
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