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  2. LMFAO... We Dont Talk About That.. Aight?
  3. Was A Good Run Boys Sumn liteee
  4. Nice to be on the list, although Im mainly known as pker XD I guess inferno proves my skill enough
  5. I'd love that!! I will possibly make a huge PvP related thread soon enough!
  6. Hey, Since many of you know, I mainly pk on this server and thats why also a suggestion regarding wilderness. I was thinking that we could add blighted sacks (bind, entangle, snare, ancient ice, teleport spell, vengeance) to the Bounty Hunter Shop. It would definitely boost the risk to reward for wilderness tasks due to increase of demand for emblems. It would also increase the wilderness activity and the value of the Bounty Hunter Shop. Also regarding sacks, I remembered the fact that there is 5/5 spell book switch cap for 24h. What are your guys opinion on either increasing the cap (what could possibly the number be? 10?) or removing it completely? I know the server tries to stay as much as authentic to OSRS as it possibly can but in my humble opinion there should definitely be more switches allowed in a day. It could also possibly be made into a perk for donator ranks. So the amount would increase depending to your rank (similar to GWD minion kc). It should be thought through thoroughly. I believe these changes do not require a lot of time and could be implemented with the next update for sure (if agreed with). Huge quality of life changes for sure. I got few more ideas and suggestions in my head and I will make a thread soon enough. Till then, make sure you clap easy.
  7. Alright, I appreciate the response and that you are completely honest with us. Most of the things @leclercalready mentioned BUT regarding the part of revision update. Yes, I do agree with you that in grand scheme of things, it is far more important BUT without any new content theres literally nothing to do than the same things over and over again which gets boring (and yes, Im aware that Zenyte has a lot more of detailed things to do than any other rsps out there). I'll just put it out there: JUST GIVE US TOB AND WE WILL BE FINE FOR ANOTHER 6 MONTH FOR SURE LMAO, LITERALLY (caps lock purpose is to emphasize, not shout) . Although as I can read then theres no developers to pursue ToB. In my humle opinion I think that since the coding of the pvm side of the server is so well done, adding such a HUGE content like ToB to it - it will make the server even more SELF-SUSTAINABLE than it is now, trust. Which will provide more time to work on perfecting the coding (bugs etc).
  8. Hey, I've decided to make a thread about asking on the ToB progress. We have not had dev. blog upated in months on that (if I'm not mistaking) and we also have not had any kind of content updates for a ridiculously long period of time now. Please can we get some snippet / overview of ToB progress? Knowing that it is the main thing that players want (and are waiting for) and that you as developers should be working on. I know y'all don't want to put out specific dates for updates but we need something... Really starting to have doubts, I'm just gonna be real with you all. Sincerely, Sh0ckzy
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