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  1. Gz brozzer SIM Your welcome for me carrying you out of Iron on League :PP
  2. Didnt even notice that this thread wasnt initiated by @Gepanlol, sorry mybad
  3. Yo So I will put here a list of things that me @[email protected] thought of and what could be changed. Reduce potion prices by 20% Reduce bolts prices to 2k ea Add looting bag notes Dragon crossbow 10-15m instead (current is too expensive) Ornate maul handle Blood fury - shard Basic pvp gear: dark bow, fighter torso, void (void should still be optainable from pest control BUT once you have optained it then you are able to purchase void pieces incase you lose them above lvl 30 wilderness), dragon defender (could be same like void), mages book, dragon boots, spirit shield? - Obviously a lot to consider Teleport to target (random player in wildy - combat bracket) but lose the wilderness player count TROUVER PARCHMENT Spell sacks Imbue scrolls Teleport to task scrolls (wilderness slayer only) Blood money? 1 currency instead of 10 tiers of emblems. This is obviously a lot to process and change in order to make it more beneficial than current emblems system. I think theres few good ideas, few things that would need further development and some things that might require additional changes in order to be implemented. FEEL FREE TO GIVE FEEDBACK
  4. Gf. Dude is quick ded https://gyazo.com/1e5a452abe73ddeb6d47fe9c990bebdd
  5. Got all the respect for the man in nhing but I guess u just brainfroze there XD Ggs brozzer @starko 113M pk with Morrgian Javelin K0 Starko_113m_pk_with_morrigan_javelin_stack_k0._13_01_2021.mp4
  6. LMFAO... We Dont Talk About That.. Aight?
  7. Nice to be on the list, although Im mainly known as pker XD I guess inferno proves my skill enough
  8. I'd love that!! I will possibly make a huge PvP related thread soon enough!
  9. Hey, Since many of you know, I mainly pk on this server and thats why also a suggestion regarding wilderness. I was thinking that we could add blighted sacks (bind, entangle, snare, ancient ice, teleport spell, vengeance) to the Bounty Hunter Shop. It would definitely boost the risk to reward for wilderness tasks due to increase of demand for emblems. It would also increase the wilderness activity and the value of the Bounty Hunter Shop. Also regarding sacks, I remembered the fact that there is 5/5 spell book switch cap for 24h. What are your guys opinion on either increasing the cap (what could possibly the number be? 10?) or removing it completely? I know the server tries to stay as much as authentic to OSRS as it possibly can but in my humble opinion there should definitely be more switches allowed in a day. It could also possibly be made into a perk for donator ranks. So the amount would increase depending to your rank (similar to GWD minion kc). It should be thought through thoroughly. I believe these changes do not require a lot of time and could be implemented with the next update for sure (if agreed with). Huge quality of life changes for sure. I got few more ideas and suggestions in my head and I will make a thread soon enough. Till then, make sure you clap easy.
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