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  1. Trust me i know ill never get a bank like yourself but if i ever feel like i can give back i will! meant so much to someone coming back its unreal so thank you very much for yourself and anyone else involved
  2. i know im not completly new but im back after 2-3 years! had business to take care of plus having a 4 year old now can take so much time up but my god considering the community is a little small at the moment there is nothing but love! Hope to catch up with you all as im going for max even on a 50-25xp rate i just enojy this server so much!<3
  3. HELL OF A DROP PARTY! Ive played a bit then just come back got into a drop party and tripled my bank within a few minutes! Thank you so much! Lowq your the man and everyone else involved helped me out alot!
  4. Looking forward to hopefully taking part and good luck to everyone else, a nice gesture giving back to an amazing community so thank you Lowq and anyone else involved
  5. Amazing guide very straight forward and to the point, struggled levelling farming until this guide and hopefully by tomorrow once all magic trees done will hit 99! Thank you very much
  6. Glad to have met you in-game and hopefully chat more often seem like a great guy and have helped me with a few questions
  7. Support this, someone like myself who isnt really familiar with forum topics and numbers and everything but i suppose if a command was made would make alot easier
  8. Wow some serious drops right there! I need to get back into the whole rsps as alot of knowledge of pvming ive totally forgotten! congrats no the drops!
  9. i did message him a couple of days ago bro, just hopefully waiting to hear a reply
  10. I seen theres a xbox group so why not ps4....... drop your psns below DARX_HAIZE
  11. Hi there guys just customizing my profile and was just seeing if anyone could maybe point me in the right direction to making some or if anyone had any spare time to whip a quick one up for me... nothing fancy and would be greatly appreciated. Things to add would be my username (DarxHaze) and maybe some cannabis type graphics if allowed or a dark/mysterious type theme. Can provide some pics if needed thanks in advance
  12. Welcome again bro, will hopefully see you in game at some point
  13. Nice to see you bro! hopefully see you in game
  14. I dont think its active anymore bro but thank you for the heads up! Thank you bro! hopefully see you around soon
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