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  1. INFAMOUS Infamous pvm was started because @snuffer thought Zenyte was in need of a PVM clan of trust worthy pvmers that actually do nothing but GWD, RAIDS,CORP you get the point. IF you are a ACTIVE player and love to PVM like we do. PM ONE OF US if we are not on try @Likeavoss @ALLAHHH Hope we see you soon! *(Application)* 1. How many hours a day do you play? 5h at least 2. Are you in any other CLANS? No 3. Do you have Discord?(no mic needed) I do have discord and mic 4. Are you experienced in pvming? Yeah, i used to play OSRS 5. What is you favorite boss? I love Zulrah, Corp and Bandos. 6. How did you hear about us? My friend Luiz5breu told me about it. INFPVM is cc
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