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  1. Finally I know! I've only gotten 15 super antifires so far
  2. Zoop

    First One Ingame? :)

    Awesome! What're you going for next?
  3. Wow that's crazy luck! Congrats!!
  4. Straight murdered! That's amazing
  5. This is incredible. Can't wait to see your progress!
  6. Welcome! Hope I'm lucky enough to work from home someday.
  7. Great effort guide! Keep up the good work! Some images aren't working for me, but I'm sure that's just a me problem. ♪♫♪☺
  8. Go ahead and start one!
  9. Good luck! Will keep an eye on this thread!
  10. Welcome! How to stale you some day
  11. I think this idea is brilliant! However, this should work in theory, but if this is something that is actually put in game I believe it should be tested by replacing one item, like magic logs, and seeing the effects it has. Then with more data devs could decide to add it for other items in game if they deem that it is working as intended. Great suggestion and easy to read without bombarding us with information.
  12. Welcome! Enjoy learning about zenyte!
  13. Welcome! Good luck on maxing!
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