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  1. I personally would stray away from modelers creating a whole new cape in general. There could easily be an alternative for 200M skilling, after all we shouldn't be using RS3 type content as this may open a pandora's box. Here is what I propose that isn't too custom or straying away from the OSRS path. Player Dialogue for NPC's + Objects/Items: Incorporate some type of dialogue in NPC's or Objects. Say you examine a Chef's Hat, this could say "Once worn by the mightiest of cooks of Zenyte - Ironyte" another great alternative is let's say a Gnome roaming around Gnome Stronghold Agility Course randomly shouts "Has anyone seen Ironyte? He's been running through my mind!". There are tons of alternatives to this concept and I'm sure it could become really lucrative for those wishing to pursue such a task! PS: This should only apply for x5 XP mode players to limit the volume of actual players achieving this. The possibilities are endless!
  2. I'm extremely impressed with all of this! Well done @Krisand all involved. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of this!
  3. Fair enough. I could see potential for more lamps being introduced through other means. Only on one condition of course! You must be the first level 3 skiller with 99 lamped slayer.
  4. You completely missed the mark there. @Fawk He is referring to 'random events' that teleport you to the island to collect an experience lamp. OT: I don't really see a point of doing this to the whole of the server, you may find more players disagree with this suggestion due to it being such a nuisance. After all, the random event is meant to catch botters and such, NOT to benefit from with experience lamps.
  5. I love the graphics and the effort put into this @Gepan! Thank you for posting and I hope there is more activity coming from these events. 13 hours and not a single reply is unacceptable, this deserves more praise.
  6. So much coding and I can not recall ever seeing a fully coded Hunter skill on a RSPS, ever. This will be historic! I've looked forward to this for quite some time.
  7. This I can somewhat support. You must understand though, planning and implementing "tiny" aspects of code to celebrate multiple holidays really does take a toll on the developer's time. We would need a whole new updated client each time one of these holidays arise and to substitute what you are requesting (fireworks, new objects, etc.) would be lots of work, which probably would not have much feedback or gratitude it deserves. Celebrating universal holidays is the custom way of doing things for most games in general. They last weeks at a time and mostly aren't celebrated in just 1 day. Christmas Events on Zenyte could go on for over a week I imagine and as it shall.
  8. I can not support this, sorry. Being rewarded with Hard/Elite/Master Clue Scroll Boxes are a great feeling from voting, having a guaranteed way of obtaining a Hard+ Scroll Box would be detrimental in many aspects. If you don't like getting medium scroll boxes, try saving them up and turning them into Masters. It is worth it. Me personally I like this average!
  9. I think the real reward from voting is the cash and random clue scroll box, the vote shop being just a bonus to vote toward. (staying away from the average RSPS concept) ie; using vote tickets in an overpowered store.. Adding gear that you mentioned to the store defeats the whole purpose of playing Zenyte, those items should stay locked behind it's specific content, like Slayer, etc. As for celebrating a holiday such as Independence Day I can see why you would want fireworks and such all over home, etc. BUT.. we are not just Americans here. This is a holiday we celebrate in our own country, not all over the world. I think Christmas, Halloween and any other big universal holiday should be celebrated with events, etc. The 4th of July to most is just another day and we should respect that. We wouldn't celebrate largely Orangeman's Day or Victoria Day.. would you?
  10. Very well done guide, I can appreciate a guide that takes tons of effort. Not many realise just how much time is needed to create images, spoilers, etc. and to go all around the world to collect this information, outstanding! 11/10. Thank you for this!
  11. I've been MIA for the last 2-3 months for personal reasons, but while I was here I noticed a very quick decline in your character in terms of just being overly dramatic in certain scenarios or just a bit exaggerated. This happened shortly after you were no longer a staff member. I do feel your best presence here was when you were involved with the community more and genuinely helped everyone you could and that is how I will remember you. I just wish there were another way around this, quitting all together doesn't seem fair and I know you really do enjoy playing Zenyte. Best of luck to you!
  12. I would tell you my MOS but I'm way too much of a pog! Welcome to Zenyte brother, have fun and stay safe.
  13. Hey Flex! I'll be sure to follow you on IG as soon as I stop eating 28 sharks at once. Welcome to Zenyte man, hope to see you around!
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