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  1. Nice updates. That's alot of changes to raids, which seems really good! PP would be such a nice alternative for thieving training. Thanks for the work sirs
  2. Welcome Sommer, we've spoke a few times and I hope you're enjoying your time here
  3. Good vid man! Keep up the work. Cant wait to see you conquer more other bosses
  4. Welcome to Zenyte! Hope you enjoy your stay here and goodluck on your journey
  5. Thank you for your contribution sir. Hope everything goes well for you in life!
  6. Welcome to Zenyte man! I could learn a thing of two from ya regarding fitness Enjoy your stay here
  7. A good suggestion. Would be nice to let people have an alternative way to train hunter as well as get fishing xp. Would be nice to have this ingame. Also for the angler outfit :))
  8. jasxr


    The suggestions are really good on this. But I feel that certain items, despite being pk use like ags(arma hilt), shouldn't be included in bh shop. GWD rewards should stay there. In addition, I think d def and MA2 capes should remain a how they are obtained. Pkers want to risk what they want to. If you lose it, you get it back the original way. One way we can have some sort of money sink is to have TrouverParchment(something to prevent you from losing untradables above 20+ wild). Also, having things like 1tick ags/gmaul would help a little of the pk community too
  9. Congratz to all promoted! :))
  10. God damn goals! Goodluck on your road to 200m skill by skill! Don't give up man!
  11. Nice guide man! Didn't know that we could make it without secondaries like monkey corps etc. This would definately help anyone who wants to get one.
  12. Wow that must have taken alot of time. Thanks for the dedication sir
  13. That's some really good gains! Very nice to see such good progress over 1 weekend
  14. That's a nice long skill outta the way Btw, considered fishing anglers instead for best food? requires some sandworm bait tho :))
  15. Hello!! Have already said hi multiple times with ya, hope ya get what you're aiming for
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