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  1. 1.96m value for my Medium Entry My 20 caskets opened (Clue kc 120-139 = 20) Loot Tracker only shows 19
  2. Hellloooo Everyone! Dannnnyboy here - One of the Irons CC Staff members I'm trying to make an effort on displaying any internal/external events we ( Irons CC ) host/carry out! So please tune in constantly to keep up-to date with the fun events we all participate in! 20x Clue Casket Event! Event will run between Thursday 16th July 00:00 Server Time – Thursday 23rd July 23:59 Server Time Event only for members of Irons CC - ::Topic 3535 for Irons CC Discord Dannnnyboy is Hosting a Clue based event! 2x $10 Bonds Sponsored by Admired This event will consist of 2x categories; 20x Medium Clue Caskets – 1x $10 Bond Winner for the LOWEST combined value of 20 medium caskets & 20x Hard Clue Caskets - 1x $10 Bond Winner for the LOWEST combined value of 20 hard caskets The event will consist of gathering 20 caskets (Medium or/and Hard) -Once gathered all 20 caskets, You will be required to open Loot tracker and reset value. -Open all 20 caskets and screenshot total value on Loot tracker - Post screenshot on discord channel (Clue Event) - All participants must collect and open 20 caskets (no less or no more) - If entering both Medium and Hard categories, you can only win ONCE. -All entries must be submitted on Discord! If you would like to participate please react to Discord Event post & Message Admired, Dannnnyboy or Irons CC Staff. 20 Medium Clue Caskets Participant / Value; Dannnnyboy / 1.96m 20 Hard Clue Caskets Participant/Value; *** Will be updated ***
  3. #Irons CC with 1st Completed Bingo Line!!!! First to 3 Completed Bingo Lines is the Winner! It's Game on right now - very close! Irons CC Completed 2nd Bingo Line!!! Irons CC need 1 more bingo line to win the event! - Convulsion still needing 3 Bingo Lines to win (1 tile away from completing 2 lines though) - Still a close event!!! #Convulsion CC with 1st and 2nd Bingo Line Completed! Both CC's going for their 3rd bingo lines to win the event! Convulsion manage to get their 3rd Bingo Line Completed - Congratulations to Convulsion for winning the 1st Clan Bingo event!!!
  4. Hellloooo Everyone! It comes with great pleasure that we; Irons CC- Dannnnyboy, Nikican, Jay D, Zenletics & Convulsion - AsianDaddy, MissyMikel, Candle, Mew2 Are planning on organising our very First Clan Bingo Event Irons CC vs Convulsion!!! ** I will be updating this as more information is released and through out the Event duration for everybody to follow, support and cheer on both CC's *** DETAILS; - This Event will compose of either 1 big team or 2 teams from each of the CC's competing against each other in a race to complete the following Bingo Card. - The Event will run between Friday 3rd July 00:00 until LATEST Sunday 19th July 23:59 Server Time. - Event Finishes when Irons CC OR Convulsion achieve 3 BINGO Lines (which is 6 Sequential Tiles in a row Vertically, Horizontally or Diagonally).......... OR - If no CC has achieved BINGO by Sunday 19th July 23:59 Server Time - The CC who has completed the most tiles WINS the Event. Participation; -To Enter the event, You MUST be a ranked member within Irons CC or Convulsion. - You MUST be registered on Discord as ALL Item drops/achievements MUST be Screenshot'd and Uploaded on the Nominated Bingo Discord Channel to be valid. - To Enter the Event there will be a $10 Bond Entry Fee (Which MUST be payed/collected before the Event Begins - Please Speak to your CC Staff for Collection) - There will only be 1 Winning Team - Irons CC OR Convulsion - The Winning CC will be rewarded with ALL Entry Bonds to distribute across their participants evenly - The Biggest Reward though......Is Being Crowned the 1st Clan Bingo Event Winner!!! RULES; 1. All Participants must be registered on the joint discord bingo channel 2. All Items/Achievements MUST be screenshot and posted under the #bingo-posts channel on joint discord. The Screenshots must capture the following information; - Global Announcements of drop (If no Global announcement - Please Capture Loot Tracker) - The following phrase typed in chat box " Pvm clan bingo #Team irons OR #Team Convulsion " - Please capture the Server Date & Time of the drop/achievement - This is to ensure the drops are valid and within the Event Timeline - (Example pictures provided on discord) Any missed Screenshots OR not capturing all the above WILL NOT be valid 3. All participants in this Bingo event are under a Strict Truce with each other in terms of pking/crashing each other. - Under no circumstance anyone participating will be allowed to attack/kill each other inside the wilderness or crash each other at non-instanced boss/pvm areas. - Anyone caught breaking or disobeying this rule will be kicked off the event immediately!!! - Screenshots must be provided of anyone breaking the rule. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TEAMS; Convulsion ; 1. Candle 2. AsianDaddy 3. Missymikel 4. Mew2 5. Ziniy 6. Hide 7. Lost Zombie 8. Nissan 9. Forux 10. Gracieloves2 11. Luis5breu 12. FranklyFrank 13. Vanguards 14. Great Chaos 15. Slimshady 16. Dead Ruler 17. Hcim Btw 18. Splasher Irons CC; 1. Dannnnyboy 2. Jay D 3. Nikican 4. Zenletics 5. Masochist 6. Slothlife 7. YSL 8. Lynx Irons 9. UIM Woolo 10. Fe Baz 11. 2020 12. Mitith 13. Dic2big 14. Scottishken 15. Acre 16. 3n V 3 N Q M 17. Nandrolone 18. Jut ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Convulsion Bingo Card Convulsion Item/Achievement log; -Franklyfrank received KBD Heads (Tile unique 1/3) -Vanguards received Ancestral Robe Top (Tile unique 1/3) - Forux received Arcane Prayer Scroll (Tile unique 2/3) - Forux received Olm Pet (Completed 'Any Boss Pet' Tile) -Slimshady received KQ heads (Tile Unique 2/3) -Slimshady received Serp Visage (Tile unique 1/4) - Missymikel received uncut onyx (Tile unique 2/4) - Vanguards received Evil Chicken piece (Tile completed) - Missymikel received Tanz Fang (Tile Unique 3/4) - Splasher received Dragon Pickaxe (Tile unique 1/3) - Franklyfrank received Twisted...….Buckler (Tile completed) - Vanguards received Pegasian Crystal (Tile unique 1/4) - Vanguards received Eternal Crystal (Tile unique 2/4) - Candle received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 1/4) - Great Chaos received bruma torch (Tile unique 1/7) - Great Chaos received Pyro top (Tile unique 2/7 - Great Chaos received warm gloves (Tile unique 3/7) - Mew2 received INFERNO CAPE (Tile completed) - Splasher received Chaos elemental pet (Tile completed) - AsianDaddy received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 2/4) - Gracieloves2 received Bandos Boots (Tile unique 1/4) - Splasher received Dragonic Visage (Tile Completed) - Forux received Occult Necklace (Tile Completed) - Splasher received Viggora Chainmace (Tile Completed) - Hide received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 3/4) - Vanguards received Armady Hilt (Tile unique 1/4) - Vanguards received Armadyl Chestplate (Tile unique 2/4) - AsianDaddy received Magic Fang (Tile completed) - Vanguards received Armadyl helmet (Tile unique 3/4) - Franklyfrank received Armadyl Crossbow (Tile unique 1/4) - Gracieloves2 received Zamarok Spear (Tile unique 2/4) - Forux received Blessed Zammy d'hide chest (Tile unique 1/2) - Mew2 received Tangleroot skilling Pet (Tile Completed) - Vanguards received Primordial Crystal (Tile unique 3/4) - Hide received Zenyte Shard (Tile completed) - Vanguards received Armadyl Chainskirt (Tile Completed) - Dead Ruler received Rocky skilling pet (Tile Completed) - Gracieloves2 received Dragon Limbs (Tile Completed) - Forux received Bottomless Compost bucket (Tile Completed) - - - - - Convulsion 1st Bingo Line Completed - Lost Zombie received Saradomin Hilt (Tile unique 3/4) - FranklyFrank received Zamarok Hilt (Tile Completed) - FranklyFrank received Vorkath Head (Tile Completed) - - - - - Convulsion 2nd Bingo Line Completed - Splasher received Ranger Boots (Tile unique 1/2) - Forux received 3rd age Helmet (Tile unique 1/2) - Forux received Robin hood hat (Tile Completed) - - - - - - Convulsion 3rd Bingo Line Completed - - - Convulsion Win ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Irons CC Bingo Card Irons CC Item/Achievement Log; -Dic2Big received Zamarok Blessed d'hide Chest (Tile Unique 1/2) -Dic2Big received Robin Hood hat (Tile Unique 1/2) -2020 received Dark Bow (Tile Uniqe1/2) - Jut received Zulrah Boss Pet (Completed 'Any Boss Pet Tile') - Slothlife received Zamarok Spear (Tile Unique 1/4) - Dic2Big received Smouldering Stone (Tile unique 1/4) -Dannnnyboy received Eternal crystal (Tile unique 2/4) - Dic2big received Primordial Crystal (Tile unique 3/4) - Masochist received Bruma Torch (Tile unique 1/7) - Masochist received Warm gloves (Tile unique 2/7) - Scottishken received Zenyte Shard (Tile Unique 1/4) - 2020 received Abyssal Whip (Completed Tile 2/2) -YSL received Dharok Platelegs (Tile Unique 1/4) -Nandrolone received Dharok Platebody (Tile unique 2/4) - Lynx Iron received Dharok helm (Tile unique 3/4) -YSL received Dharok axe (Tile completed 4/4) - Dannnnyboy received warm hood (Tile unique 3/7) - YSL received uncut onyx (Tile unique 1/4) - Acre received vorkath head (Tile unique 1/3) - Acre received Skeletal Visage (Tile Completed) - 2020 received Magic Fang (Tile unique 2/4) - Uim Woolo received Giant Squirrel skilling pet (Tile Completed) - Jut received Kraken Tent (Tile unique 1/2) - Masochist received Pyro Top (Tile Unique 4/7) - 2020 received Serp visage (Tile unique 3/4) - Dic2big received Tyrannical Ring (Tile unique 1/3) - 3n V 3 N Q M received Ancestral Robe Hat (Tile unique 1/3) - 3n V 3 N Q M received Bandos Chestplate (Tile unique 1/4) - YSL received Dragon Axe (Tile unique 1/6) - YSL received Berserker Ring (Tile unique 2/6) - YSL received Seers Ring (Tile unique 3/6) - Acre received Chaos elemental pet (Tile completed) - Nikican received Kalphite Queen heads (Tile unique 2/3) - Dannnnyboy received KBD heads (Tile Complete) - Dannnnyboy received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 2/4) - Lynx Iron received Tanz fang (Tile completed) - Uim Woolo received Treasonous Ring (Tile unique 2/3) - Slothlife received Hydra Leather (Tile unique 1/6) - Nikican received Dinhs Bulwark (Tile unique 2/3) - YSL received Archer ring (Tile unique 4/6) - YSL received Warrior ring (Tile unique 5/6) - Nandrolone received Dexterous Prayer Scroll (Tile completed) - Acre received Dragon pickaxe (Tile completed) - YSL received Pegasian Crystal (Tile completed) - Dannnnyboy received Zamarok Chaps (Tile Completed) - - - - - - - Irons CC 1st Bingo Line - Complete - Acre received Full Trident (Tile Completed) - Slothlife received Hydra Eye (Tile unique 2/6) - Jut received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 3/4) - Uim Woolo received Zenyte Shard (Tile Completed) - - - - - - Irons CC 2nd Bingo Line - Complete - Dic2big received Ring of Life (Tile Completed) -Uim Woolo received Phoenix Pet (Tile unique 5/7) - Dic2big received Pyro Boots (Tile unique 6/7) - Uim woolo received Pyro legs (Tile Completed) - 2020 received Armadyl Crossbow (Tile unique 2/4) - Lynx Iron received Occult Necklace (Tile Completed) - Jut received Armadyl Hilt (Tile unique 1/4) - Dannnnyboy received Hydra Tail (Tile unique 3/6) - Nandrolone received Saradomin Hilt (Tile unique 3/4)
  5. This is fantastic brother!! I love your creativity and outside thinking! Thank you so much for taking the time and making a guide that helps both regulars and ironmans! Top stuff mate
  6. Love the layout of this man - Top notch Have you kept this updated? Love to see where you are at now if it's not updated
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