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  1. Whats up boys and girls! My name is Casey and I am 25 years old. I was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland and moved to Sacramento, California when i was about 10. I currently work in the finance for an insurance company. (nowhere near smart enough for any degree in biomedical sciences XD) As for my job, Its not something I care too much for but it pays the bills. I started on Zenyte a little bit before the quarantine and picked up playing when I started working from home. This game was something I loved as a kid and being an adult I dont have the time to play the normal game. This 100% fills that void. My short term goals are to slowly achieve the items needed to start raiding and my end goal is to get a Twisted Bow and pet hunt! Outside of this game I enjoy American football and getting out of the house to go camping, fishing and kayaking. I have two dogs that are dope as hell and a GF that doesnt complain too much about the time I spend on this game. Stay Safe out there everyone!
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