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  1. #iron cc has had some moderation team changes and change of ownership new owner is @Laura. Wishing all the best to Mike and rest of the moderation team who left to seek new adventures!
  2. iron cc here, i will be quitting zenyte and moving somewere else. hope your grinds go well. bye.
  3. if you need the discord link pm me ingame or add me on discord ironcc#0001
  4. +1 support this so annoying trying to buy runes when there overstocked.
  5. im not a big fan of you guys saying stuff about my cc. this is very unprofessional for your members to spam yell about my cc. and also joining my cc saying my cc is a "joke" best of luck any way.
  6. What ever you say bud. Good luck.
  7. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  8. -»*‡*«- Iron Cc -»*‡*«-1) - Introduction2) - Rules3) - How to join4) - Moderators1) Introduction:We are an open clan-chat for all new and experienced iron men who are looking for a community to not only get tips and tricks but also find members for participating in mini games such as Raids and other boss activity's. We have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable iron men in-game; so if there is anything you don't know, feel free to hop in and ask. We aim to be the best at what we do, we allow literally anyone in the cc, you do not have to be an ironman to join, regular players who would like more knowledge are welcome to join too ! We also have rank requirements for clan members as follows: ( If you'd like to climb the ranks then this is the place for you ) Rank 1 - Void set (3 Helmets), Torso, dragon defender, 3 99's in skill of your choosing Rank 2 - Whip / tent , Fury amulet, infinity boots, ranger boots, dragon boot,1 full barrows set , fire cape , 5 99's in skill of your choosing Rank 3 - cerb boot set, 4 godwars armour peices, blow pipe, dwh, brimstone ring, max cape Rank 4 - 5 unique raid items, full completion of godwars, full completion of barrows, Inferno max cape. If you'd like to participate in the rank system, please contact one of the owners in-game to claim your rank along with evidence of said rank (send through discord) -> message a silver star or up in the cc to get invited to our discord server. 2) Clan Rules:1. To always be in compliance to the 'zenyte' rules! 2. We will not tolerate any aggressive behaviour towards any players within our clan chat. 3. Repetative spam within "iron cc" will not be tolerated and you shall be removed after 2 warnings have been issued and spamming persists. 4. Don't PK any people that are in our clan, the majority of us are iron-men, so respect the grinds. 5. We all love a laugh and a joke, we expect you know the different between banter and toxicity, so respect other clan members as we are a family here, if you are a victim of "bullying" so to speak, please inform a rank and the issue will be resolved accordingly, "we are all as one"! 3) How to join: As we are the 'original' iron cc, we understand we left and passed over to others, we have no interest in splitting the community, and we respect others, if your an old member and want to reminisce then please join; your all welcome, as well as new member who want a different atmosphere, then iron cc welcomes all.To join our alliance simply join the cc name "Iron Cc", we hope to grow as time goes on, so what are you waiting for JOIN US! PS: We have our own discord channel and it's available for every player in game. Hope we see you all there and have a good time. Add me Mikee#2094 or Clue#6990 or pm one of the owners in game for more information on our discord. we will hold weekly give away's within our discord to our loyal members, also other activity's in-game to earn bonds and have a good time will also happen, so please come in have a good time and settle in. 4) Moderators Owners: Hard Mike, Clue, Animation Admins: x5 vexterr, Taylor Swift, Empty Moderators: Mew2 , Seige As much more than just a clan chat, we have so much much to offer, were run leading "iron cc" on many servers, so we know the rules and regulations to each server and personal limits, if anyone on zenyte has a problem with our clan chat, please inform one of the owners and the issue will get resolved, we offer clan activity's , weather this be, group bossing - group skilling - give away's - discord raffles and other activity's, we like to be open and let our members influence highly what activity's will be held, we are one and we are a people clan chat. I hope to see many of you join "iron cc" and flourish as a player, get in, get grinding, and get smiling! "iron cc"
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