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  1. Berry great topic! Love to see it! Sad I can’t participate but goodluck gamers!
  2. same here, if you want we can sit down and discus some stuff for it? got a few ideas in mind to add to it.
  3. The winner of the event was @Kronik With his guess of Purple!
  4. All off the aabove will be in the competition!
  5. Don't forget to like and pick a colour to be enterd!
  6. Hello, you guys want a chance to win some ''random prizes'' for FREE!?! Okay well super simple to try, i will list the steps. One thing I would like to say beforehand is i would like staff members to partake as well.. My goal is to get the entire community to interact and have a good time together. Step 1 Like this post Step 2 Comment 1 out of the 9 flowers that can come. Step 3 comment a time (GMT server time) on the 20th of august that i should plant the seed, so we can get majority of people online to see if they won. Step 4 All of the people who guessed the correct flower color will move on to the next stage of this give away! Okay Incase people do not know the colors or the % each color can get drawn from mithril seeds here RED FLOWERS: 14% BLUE FLOWERS: 15% YELLOW FLOWWERS: 14% PURPLE FLOWERS: 14% ORANGE FLOWERS: 15% MIXED FLOWERS: 14% ASSORTED FLOWERS: 10% BLACK FLOWERS: 0.2% WHITE FLOWERS: 0.1% the items to be won will be a suprise, and for ironman's will able to collect on a alt. i will allow up to 3 winners in total, so 1st place/2nd place/3rd place! goodluck! also big shout out to @Mma c0nwho has hosted this before in 2020!
  7. glad to hear that man! and who know's you can make it a long way on zenyte with some grinding! but glad to see you back in the game and enjoying it!
  8. so great to hear! and glad you got that added to your bank!
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