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  1. Ofcourse can implement a system like this with administration of the points done by the admins and ranks in the clan. No need for a advanced back-end system to be in place for implementing this.
  2. Thank you Bundy, suggestions are welcome.
  3. Dutch Chat Dutch Chat is a clan for people that can speak Dutch, besides having fun in the clan chat we also do weekly PvM/PvP events. Ranking System We have a ranking system where the ranks you have are earned, by participating in events. We have the following ranks: General - Owner Captain - Admin / Manager Lieutenant / Moderator Sergeant / 1000+ points Corporal / 500+ points Recruit / > 0 points Friendly Symbol / Member We manage the points per clan member in a Google Docs document. How are points gained and distributed? By attending any kind of event you'll receive 35 points. (Screenshot required) By receiving a boss drop with your clan mates you and your boss parnter(s) will, recieve 20 points. (Screenshot required) By splitting fairly with your clan mates, the person who got the drop will get an additional 15 points. (Screenshot required) Send a scnreeshot to one of the admins in discord to receive your points. Remember only when you do this with proof, you'll receive your points. Clan Member of the week Username: Why? Upcoming Events Every Wednesday at 8 PM GMT+2 there will be a PvP event. Upcoming Wednesday: 29th of April - Deep Wildy Pking with Clan Every Saterday at 8 PM GMT+2 there will be a PvM event. Upcoming Saterday: 2nd of May - Corp Mass Please try to attend the events as much as possible to connect, with eachother and have some fun on the game as a community The clan member that hosts the events will be variable, based on who is available that day. Last words Keep our clan a fun place to be in for Dutch (speaking) people, and correct eachother on their behavior Discord Ask one of the admins for the link to the discord server. Clan Staff: Hef Bundy - Owner Bicep Papa - Admin and Community / Event Manager Zwarte Piet0 / Moderator and Event Manager Flax / Admin and Event Manager Bakerman / Moderator and Event Manager
  4. He payed 5k+ for a donor where he can spam in yell. So, just let him be
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