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  1. I've actually wanted this for a while also. My name was originally Little Bear because it was going to be a skiller alt and I was going to have main also with the name bear. Turns out I can't help but be a skiller and this is my actual main lol, so I'd like to remove the 'Little' from my name! Good suggestion! +1
  2. After a huge 2 hours and 47 minute grind of making wines without letting the wine ferment, I thought this was worth a share. (If you've made wines before, you'll understand the anxiety this caused when you're trying not to let the exp drop haha) Just as a tip, I activated a bonus exp book (1 vote point from vote store) before I let the exp drop, it's soooo worth it. Few thousand less wines to make! If anyone has also had a bigger exp drop, I'd be real interested to see!
  3. I don't really think PID is the issue, I think some people just get it and some people don't, its all just based on luck. It would be more ideal for people to use the party room which was added recently, but i guess its really up to who ever drops the items.
  4. Must be my mistake then. Thank you for looking into this.
  5. I just wanted to start by saying that I had a random guess. Im about 350 dwarf weed off to 3k which is why i said around (as a guess) and didn't provide an exact number, apologies for the mix up with toadflax. I certainly wasn't blaming anyone. I simply asked if it could be looked into, thats all. However I am certain that I logged off, hence my request. The log is very close to the actions I explained in my request - however from your post it feels very much like you feel like I was making it up. Thanks for looking into it anyway.
  6. Thank you very much, appreciate your promptness
  7. Good afternoon team, I've recently picked up a new farm run and decided to include Jangerberries. This means I use the bush patch at the Champions Guild. I went to the spot to see if the bush was ready and it turns out it wasn't, so I logged off. I logged back on at 16:30 to find that I was dead. The only explanation for this, is that my account has not been logged off correctly and the mugger in the area has killed me. I know I logged off correctly and even if my phone locked, it automatically disconnects me anyway. Can this please be looked into? I've lost around 3k grimy toadflax's that I've farmed this week and I don't believe this was my error. Thank you guys.
  8. Very lovely list of updates, thank you! Pre-sets will be helpful on many of my 15 herb runs a day lmao.
  9. Hey Leaned! You're more than welcome any time in the clan, I've updated you into the team list. Hope to see you soon! Let's goooooo buddy! Don't leave us for too long, we're missing you! Let's go man, so excited for the clans growth!! Details updated: Full team list now showing, including ranks Group Ironman teams and rules announced and displayed Media spoilers added for each team in GIM Media spoiler added for general team
  10. I will 100% give you a game of fifa sir! PS4: iBigHerox Come @me bro. @Leaned;)
  11. **Please bear with us while we build the thread up, such as areas like meet the team. WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL THREAD FOR XP HUB! <Awaiting graphics to be made> What is EXP HUB? We're a dedicated group of skilling based players, focusing on the unique side of accounts. We're made up of level 3 skillers and unique accounts, such as 10hp hardcore irons. We offer a highly competitive yet helpful community. Although we like to encourage unique accounts, anyone is welcome! There are currently not requirements. What Is our CC name and do we have a Discord? Meet the team Ranking System General Clan Rules Group Ironman + Rules Team One - Group Ironman Media Team Two - Group Ironman Media General Clan Media
  12. Hey guys! Let me know what you think of the suggestions below, I would really like any feedback - I don't believe any of these updates would harm the game, however happy to hear what you guys think. Harmony Island herb patch - I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this or not (although I never see anyone use this patch on my runs) but I notice probably 7 our of 10 times, this herb patch constantly dies? I am of course aware that some patches will due sometimes, but this is way too common. Could this be looked into, please? Spinning Wheel - With the recently updated crafting/smithing area at home, could we please add a spinning wheel here? I do love the nostalgia of Lumbridge, but it gets awfully lonely here! (Plus the stairs are hella annoying on mobile -_-) Fishing Guild front door - Seems to be broken most of the time? Not such an issue but I notice I need to open the door and then click the door again to go through? I usually use my fishing cape, but if I don't have this on me, I'd rather just be able to enter the door as normal. Varrock Museum - This is probably the one I care about the most, I honestly would love the chance to get some lamps without having to wait for Bob to come and kidnapp me. As a level 3, I rely on lamps for slayer. Whilst I know I have completely chosen this way to play, these are available in OSRS. Herbiboars - (I might have lied above, I also care about this update a lot too!) I don't need to say much about this, realistically. Great source of herbs, pet is pretty adorable. Good update all round imo. Salt Mines - Could a deposit box please be added to this area? Voting - This is more of a website related suggestion, but I thought I'd add here, as I already have a list. Could we possibly look to change the site that you can only vote once every 24 hours? This is rather annoying and I hate feeling like I miss out on a vote once a day. Alternatively, could we potentially add more, as lessen the cash reward? Not sure. I do feel like these updates would improve the game, however as for the bigger picture I can see things like TOB are more important for our player base as a whole. However as small side projects go, I'd love to see some of these added. Much love, Bear.
  13. Always appreciate seeing an unknown method, I'm a level 3 skiller but would certainly a good idea to grab some herbs from here on an alt for some extra exp! Thanks for the tip brother!
  14. I bet there are many jealous iron's right now! Amazing loot tab so far buddy, best of luck going forward - hopefully the luck doesn't run out!
  15. Big fan of the effort you put into the research of this, a decent suggestion. As a skiller, I do think it's weird that lobsters are the best exp in the game also. Sharks/minnows should be much better imo.
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