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  1. Hey guys! Let me know what you think of the suggestions below, I would really like any feedback - I don't believe any of these updates would harm the game, however happy to hear what you guys think. Harmony Island herb patch - I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this or not (although I never see anyone use this patch on my runs) but I notice probably 7 our of 10 times, this herb patch constantly dies? I am of course aware that some patches will due sometimes, but this is way too common. Could this be looked into, please? Spinning Wheel - With the recently updated crafting/smithing area at home, could we please add a spinning wheel here? I do love the nostalgia of Lumbridge, but it gets awfully lonely here! (Plus the stairs are hella annoying on mobile -_-) Fishing Guild front door - Seems to be broken most of the time? Not such an issue but I notice I need to open the door and then click the door again to go through? I usually use my fishing cape, but if I don't have this on me, I'd rather just be able to enter the door as normal. Varrock Museum - This is probably the one I care about the most, I honestly would love the chance to get some lamps without having to wait for Bob to come and kidnapp me. As a level 3, I rely on lamps for slayer. Whilst I know I have completely chosen this way to play, these are available in OSRS. Herbiboars - (I might have lied above, I also care about this update a lot too!) I don't need to say much about this, realistically. Great source of herbs, pet is pretty adorable. Good update all round imo. Salt Mines - Could a deposit box please be added to this area? Voting - This is more of a website related suggestion, but I thought I'd add here, as I already have a list. Could we possibly look to change the site that you can only vote once every 24 hours? This is rather annoying and I hate feeling like I miss out on a vote once a day. Alternatively, could we potentially add more, as lessen the cash reward? Not sure. I do feel like these updates would improve the game, however as for the bigger picture I can see things like TOB are more important for our player base as a whole. However as small side projects go, I'd love to see some of these added. Much love, Bear.
  2. Always appreciate seeing an unknown method, I'm a level 3 skiller but would certainly a good idea to grab some herbs from here on an alt for some extra exp! Thanks for the tip brother!
  3. I bet there are many jealous iron's right now! Amazing loot tab so far buddy, best of luck going forward - hopefully the luck doesn't run out!
  4. Big fan of the effort you put into the research of this, a decent suggestion. As a skiller, I do think it's weird that lobsters are the best exp in the game also. Sharks/minnows should be much better imo.
  5. I would also agree on this, I like being selective about who gets a cheeky thumbs up, but adding a few more should give you slightly more leverage with it. +1!
  6. Awesome video once again Spalsher, I've only just finished your previous hard clue one weirdly enough! Loved the rng on master clues, hoping to see that video really soon. Shame to see some items didn't add to your collection log also!
  7. Love the clear confidence you have killing cerb! Awesome video pal. Hopefully you'll get the puppy soon, what an incredible pet that is to have! Good luck!
  8. just slightly away from the teleporting..i think it would be good to remove the box at home, a few months after construction is added. This way things like pools of rejuvenation would actually have a purpose, and not just be a fashion item in your home.
  9. I second this! I don't think I could ever be patient enough to stack that many though, two crates at Wintertodt gets me too impatient! Haha! OT: Nice video Splasher! Can't wait to see 100 masters, that's going to be an insane showcase! Good luck!
  10. I'm a huge fan of the commitment that you showed the previous server you played. Nothing trumps loyalty. I do hope you'll enjoy your stay here and that you'll be with us for a long time too! Let me know if you need anything!
  11. I would really like to see more of us pitch together to see if we may be able to form a large list of exp rates for EVERY activity that can earn exp in the game for skilling that can be added to the skillimg guide section. As a highscores chaser myself, this is a golden post for me. I'll see if I can start tracking my exp an hour, based on at least an hour at a time. (Maxed skills, so i could contribute!)
  12. (Oops, posted on the wrong account above, domt do what I just did haha!) Awesome goals buddy! Only tips I'd give is make sure you don't burn out with big goals and when you do post on the forums, always make it a meaningful post rather than a simple few words. Post count doesn't matter if the posts are pointless, right? also helps people recognise you at a role model! (not saying you're a spammer already, lol) Good luck!
  13. There some really good song choices in here, having read all of the posts so far, I've really enjoyed people's stories and reasons for their choices. For me, my choice is Coldplay - Paradise. This seems to be the opposite of most of these songs so far, but I'll explain! From my early teenage years, I have suffered from rather severe anxiety and depression. I used to isolate myself and I completely lost sight of who I was and where my life was headed, losing confidence in real life along the way meaning it was harder and harder to leave the house. Although I spent many years developing some amazing friendships with some incredible people online since I would spend more time playing Runescape, I could always relate to this song and it's meaning. The song is mainly about a girl who is lost in the world and facing a lot of rejection. She dreams of paradise and leaving her old life behind. This is what I wanted to do, for so long, but couldn't ever find the courage to. The video is what gets me the most every time, genuinely I cry when I see it - It starts with an elephant (A man in a costume, but let's use our imaginations here.. Haha) who is trapped in a zoo. He finally breaks out of the zoo and sets out on an adventure to find his own kind and most importantly, his paradise. The adorable moment when he finds other elephants is such a lifting feeling and I find myself crying at this part, mostly of joy I think. I used to feel like the elephant. I felt alone and sad, looking back, I can't believe that it was so relatable. If anyone is wondering, I did find my own paradise in the end. I changed my life completely and built an incredible life - Do reach out if you feel down, I got you. In the meantime, enjoy Paradise by the amazing Cold Play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G4isv_Fylg Much love as always - Bear.
  14. Welcome to the server buddy! I'm sorry to hear about losing your account, however I hope you find a home here and I see you around! Have fun and if you need any help, let me know!
  15. Hey guys! Finally after many days of the worst skill ever.. (Runecrafting) I'm happy to see all my non-combat related stats are 99! https://zenyte.com/hiscores/search/Little_Bear - Currently, I'm sitting at 352 million exp overall but obviousy looking to be the first skiller to 200m! I won't do a bank reveal or anything at the moment, I have big plans on when and how to reveal, I hope you guys are looking forward to it. Much love - Bear (Ps. if anyone can pass me some tips on how to do herblore in a profitable way or not much loss, hit me up, it's been a while since I did herblore )
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