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  1. After spending months over this issue, talking with every single staff member of the team in a constructive and professional way, and ruining the reputation I built to try to salvage any long term possibility of success in the future for Zenyte, I have realized that (here comes the unconstructive part) they are completely in denial of the problem. This thread literally proves it. So much constructive feedback has been given in here, and hundreds of times before, and guess what.... Nothing is going to change. Theres no point in trying to argue anymore. They will never see the problem because seeing the problem is admitting that they aren't able to do their job properly. Kris promoted Life to manager because he has been here the longest out of any staff member. He dedicated the most time out of anyone to the game, and I 100% recognize that and appreciate it believe it or not. He was a great member of the team. But that doesn't translate to being great at leading the team. I saw numerous episodes in the staff chat before life was promoted to manager that made me question his ability to be the leader of the team. And honestly that's ok. You dont have to be naturally good at leading people, most aren't in fact. The problem lies in that Life doesn't take advice, criticism, or understanding of other individuals problems well. And the real problem is that Life doesn't think that's the problem. Instead he chalks it up to the staff forming "inner circles" and "toxic players" not providing constructive feedback instead of looking introspectively at the issues. I think Life is under the impression that the staff team is expendable and can just be replaced and all will be back to normal, singing Kumbaya all the way home. But make no mistake, the people that the team has lost over the months are irreplaceable. You cant find a group of harder working, dedicated players than those that we've lost. Theres a reason why all of this is going on now. We dont spend hours typing out well thought out posts because we have nothing better to do. We do it because we care about the game and we care about seeing the staff team in the state that its currently in. The thing with Echo is that he just spends too much time streaming on his alt and doesn't actually log into his staff account and do work anymore. He used to. But he doesn't anymore. He's not the root of the reason why the Zenyte team is failing, he just needs to be demoted and have someone else take his place. I truly laughed reading the post about him proving that he does work. Only senior mods and admins+ would know this, but taking 07 donations and 2fa resets is the biggest LOL you can say about doing your job. those tasks take maybe 1-2 minutes to do. Extremely mindless and easy. And im sure these days there aren't even many 07 gp donations to take with the lower player base. When I was the manager of the server, I was the only non-owner on the day of release able to take 07 donations. Remember, we had 650 players on release all trying to cash into the game. I probably took over 100 donations the first day, while managing a brand new team, while in-game responding to players, while putting on events for the server, and finally while not even getting paid to do it! I did it because I wanted to, because I loved and appreciated the community and the staff team. So I apologize if im trying to hold the staff members to a higher standard. I apologize if its uncomfortable or inconvenient that I am trying to shed light on the issues that I (and many others) see with the staff team. I apologize if im causing public discourse and making people look bad or scaring away new players. But really I dont. Because I care about the game as much as I did when I helped the owners release it. And Im going to fight to make sure I do everything I can so that the future of Zenyte is bright. But after literal months of long (constructive) conversations, because nobody seems to give a flying fuck about the issues or wants to admit there's anything wrong currently. Ive truly lost any passion that I had. If Life and the owners want to manage their server the way they think is proper, then go right ahead. I couldn't care less anymore. But dont blame covid, "toxic players", or any other reason on why it didn't turn out how you had hoped.
  2. im triggered. whose this nub dying to a prime?
  3. I like these a lot too. The barrows one may not be viable but they are definitely cool ideas and should be looked at
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