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  1. A life lesson: Never ask people anything on facebook.
  2. Hey guys! I've been busy playing the challenger league and i had ample time to think, what i could achieve on my uim and this is it! Getting the infernal cape!! I'm currently practising with a very similar setup on my regular acc and it's my first time managing to get to wave 55! I must say i'm really proud so far
  3. lol I saw myself fish sharks @ the fishing guild xD Apart from that.. Enjoy exploring the world of gielinor
  4. Nice to hear that you like this server! Hope you achieve your goals
  5. at 70 thiev you get 800 gp per pickpocket with full rogue, so that you earn 1m it requires you to have 1250 sucessful pickpockets. You earn 1m gp with 1 farm run that takes you 5 min to prepare 83 Magic is a requirement of 2.5m mage xp max, which on xp mode 50/25 is ridiculously easy to get with only the cash u get from voting cuz mage is a 50x skill. Ranarrs were specified as the to go ingredient, but depending on the GE situations prices may vary. Currently, THIS IS the best skilling method and most likely you're just mad cuz things are out of your reach and the prices of seeds might rise. Reason being, because ppl would love to spend 5mins+ a day to earn 1mill zenyte gp. 83 mage 38 farming are definitely doable within 2 hours of gameplay. and after 2 hours of gameplay you're set up to get 1m gp an hour Imagine 2 hours of gameplay with thieving you'd maybe have full rogue set and around 50k-300k gp depending on ur successful pickpockets. 2 hours of gameplay of wildi slayer @ combat level 3 might actually get you nowhere cuz you have a fucking ankou task, which you can't do.
  6. Hello guys, i'll be focusing on the best money making for beginners with skilling. I've seen tons of answers like "go and do rc, thiev, slay", those answers are fine, but completely wrong. Farming is honestly the best money making with skilling What you wanna do is doing herb runs every hour (takes 40 mins to grow) with ranarrs or any other profitable seeds/herbs. CHECK GE FOR PRICES WITH THE OFFER VIEWER OPTION. 1 seed yields around 0-20 herbs depending on your luck. On average I'd say you can get around 12 herbs from 1 seed Preparation: Focus on getting these skills and items first: 38 Farming 83 Magic 200 volcanic ashes Magic Secateurs, which increase the Herb harvest when worn (3 vote points) Alright, You'll want to be on the lunar spellbook to be able to cast the spell "Fertile Soil". Inventory Setup: 50x Zenyte home Teleports (bought from Edalf at home) 100x Astral runes (bought from Baba Yaga at lunar isle, Teleport portal -> Misc -> Lunar isle) 60x Nature runes (bought from Edalf at home) 1x Earth staff (bought from Edalf at home) 1x Spade 1x Seed Dibber 1x Rake 1x Magic Secateurs (bought from Vote shop) 200x Volcanic Ashes THE HERB RUN Herb Patch 1: Zenyte Teleporter -> Cities -> Catherby -> Run Herb Patch 2: Zenyte Teleporter -> Monsters -> Experiments -> Climb up ladder & run Alternative #1: Use Fairy Ring (ALQ) & Run Herb Patch 3: Zenyte Teleporter -> Skilling -> Fishing Guild -> Run Alternative: Use Ardougne Cape Teleport "Ardougne Farm" (Ardy Diary) Herb Patch 4: Zenyte Teleporter -> Cities -> Draynor -> Run Alternative: Use Explorer's ring 2 & Run (Lumby Diary) Herb Patch 5: Achievements Tab -> Minigames -> Tithe Farm -> Run Alternative: Zenyte Teleporter -> Training -> Sand Crabs -> Run Herb Patch 6: Zenyte Teleporter -> Skilling -> Farming guild -> Follow red arrow Credits to SilverNova, whose pictures I stole. Please visit his guide for further, farming related questions.
  7. Yah, support my scroll boxes are collecting dust
  8. I think i was sick with it, but I didnt get tested.. The worst thing was the loss of taste. Everything that i ate felt like a sponge for 3 days
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