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  1. Fellas, first episode is out! Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying starting over! As always, if you could like the video and subscribe to the channel, I'd appreciate it alot!
  2. Ikr, shit happens. I understand man, and I'm still waiting to raid with you!
  3. Even though I don't feel like I need to give an explanation to anyone, I did it for the people that care. Appreciate the subscription if you haven't already subscribed!
  4. Oh, didn't know he had that name aswell. My bad ahah.
  5. Sadly I don't know who he is, but I'll look into it!
  6. Ladies and Gentleman, new series! I've always been a fan of MrNoSleeps 1,000 Kill videos, and I've always wanted to make my own, so... here it is! Sadly I don't have time to get the 1,000 kills, so I'll have to settle for half. I know the video feels rushed, but I wanted to get the video out ASAP. I promise next one will be way better! Hope you enjoy!
  7. Newgate

    EP.11 IS LIVE

    As always, like and subscribe if you enjoyed!
  8. Took a full 6 days, but it's out. Episode 10 of my Ironman Series. Enjoy!
  9. Hello Cilay! Really enjoyed the vibe of the video! As a fellow content creator I wish you the best of luck! Feel free to join my CC - Newgate - if you want a home in the server! We got a couple content creators there ready to help you. Good luck!
  10. All love brother, keep doing you!
  11. Yet I've been on Zenyte so I can state my opinion, you haven't been to my CC so you can't state your opinion. Simple.
  12. If you could read, you could understand I said it was my own opinion, meaning is what I see. As for your statement on my CC, you've never been here so I don't know why you're barking. I appreciate the opinion though! I understand that, and good thing they are! Never doubted it and if they have the position is for a reason! I simply expressed my opinion as someone from outside Zenyte CC.
  13. I try to have the same atittude and mentality in my own CC. Toxicity is a thing on Zenyte and we need to fight it.
  14. Today marks 20 days of playtime, and I figured I'd do my 1st staff feedback! If some of the feedback doesn't match up with most of yall's thinking, just keep in mind that timezones are a thing, and even though I play 10h+ a day I still miss a lot: Noele/Kris/Tommeh/Corey/Christopher - The reason why I grouped them is becouse I haven't talked to them personally, but I'm sure they do their best behind the scenes. Haven't heard a bad thing about them so far, and the fact that this server I've played ever speaks for itself. ------------------ @Life - I guess the higher up I talk to the most due to being the person in charge of content creators. Awesome dude, really easy to talk to! Logs in occasionally, enough for me to bother him with stupid questions from time to time. ------------------ @Echo - Never spoke with him, but I guess he's more behind the scenes. @Hide - Really like this man. Super active and really down to earth! Helped me when I needed, nothing bad to say! @Distraction - Never spoke with him, but hes constantly online. Never heard a bad word about this man. ----------------- @O - Again, never spoke with him, but I see him online all the time! ----------------- @Dragonic - Saw him online in my early days, but not anymore. Not sure what's up, but I'm confident I haven't seen him online in the last week. @L - Only memory I have from L is him warning me when I yelled my stream to soon. Apart from that, don't know much about him. Same boat as Dragonic. @200M Dancing - Where do I start. Ever since I joined 200M stood off in the Zenyte CC as the most helpful and willing person. That aura continues and I couldn't be happier to see my man in high positions. Super down to earth, professional, fast paced and really fair individual. Problably the staff member I talk the most, and the go-to when it comes to in-game problems, regardless of what they are. Deserves way more, and I'm sure he'll get it in the future! @xSynystyr - Never spoke with him, and personally Haven't seen him online much. Apart from ocasional events, I don't see much action. ----------------- @glitch - I don't think I've seen him online, but I'm sure he does a lot behind the scenes. The forums have no problems, flows nicely and it's safe to say it's in good hands. ---------------- @Psyche - Active fella, helps when needed and yells the essencial. Nothing bad to say from him. @ConHamer - 1 of the 2 Server Supports I don't see much from. I remember him here and there but that's it. @Listen - As active as Psyche, and as helpful. I'd say they're at the same level. @Le Rolex - Very generous human being, but sadly I haven't seen him online. I don't know what happened, but I'd love to see him back in action! @Sir Hassan - Most helpful Server Support! I've seen a lot from him, both in yell and in Zenyte CC, and I'm sure he'll get promoted in the future for sure! @Baka - Ever since Baka was promoted, I've seen him online once or twice. A couple of yells but that's it. Maybe timezones, maybe not available, but really needs to step up. @Gepan - I remember when he first joined Zenyte, and few days later he got in the staff team. Really suits him, since hes well-driven and has a good mentality to be in the staff team. Expect a alot from him! The feedback may be short and simple, but it's 100% based on personal opinion! Keep up the good work!
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