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  1. I've recently came back to Zenyte, and honestly I've enjoyed my time here. Mainly becouse there's no CC drama, no people flaming 24/7 over yell, etc. I did however notice the lack of interaction from the staff team to the community. There's less players, but that shouldn't be an excuse to lack on support. I do see SS/Mods helping over yell when requested, but things like community events, parties and such should happen to gather and grab the rest of the players. The server was on the wires, people still expect a lot of updates, and if that isn't happening becouse that's not the way the Devs work, at least make the community feel welcome and entertained. I've seen a lot of people that quit a long time ago come back, use that to your advantage and light up the flame again.
  2. This just goes to prove that this post was intended to hurt and bash 2m. Clueless people talking out of their asses becouse of 1 incident.
  3. 200's feedback was the only one that you elaborated. You're free to state your opinion, and I'm sure they appreciate it, I just think all this could've been avoided if you took the liberty to talk to 200 further about your issue. What @Lifecomments it's irrelevant to what I'm trying to tell you. Life had nothing to do with your incident with 200 and he decided to stay out of it. All this becouse he said "eek", jesus christ.
  4. As you said, and I quote "maybe seen things in a different perspective", have you stopped to think that maybe they're tired of hearing the same stuff, or as @200M Dancingstated above, they're super busy with other and more important stuff? All this seems you have a personal problem with 2m and you made this thread as a way to cover the fact that you wanted to publicly expose this situation.
  5. All this looks like you're just mad becouse they haven't responded to your staff application. As said above, helping in Zenytes CC for a couple days won't make you SS. Even though they're in need of staff, that doesn't mean they'll pick someone in a hurry that doesn't meet the requirements. Your name doesn't ring a single bell, but I haven't played in 2 weeks. Even so, I've seen people helping for weeks and only then they got accepted. You gotta build a reputation first. If helping is truly your goal, being Server Support should be just a extra.
  6. Theres no problem with that, at all, the issue is that the people in question problably didn't come back to the thread at all after responding, and if they did, they should've said something about the people that are sharing good criticism. As said before, this only goes to show that they don't care and all this was for nothing becouse it will all remain the same, as said previously numberous times. Also, it's only natural for server supports to gather around higher ups, as even if they knew something had to be done and we had good points, they wont speak out.
  7. Uh, I was mentioning the staff members adressed in the first place, not you or any server supports. Server supports were never in the conversation, and the only time I indirectly mentioned you was when I said you only reacted and liked staff members posts.
  8. You say there isn't any groups, yet just from this post you can see that every staff member likes any other staff member post, yet doesn't react at all with the players criticism. It's up to them, yes, but it also says a lot about owning up to the problem and recognizing the issue.
  9. More so when they say scammers have a chance to redeem themselfs, but people that contributed to Zenytes well-being in some sort can't have a second chance or receive a thank you of any sort. The major problem is how the staff team handles issues, and that goes by what was said earlier - they only respond to people who reply with clueless comments, and ignore the people that are actually trying to help and give good criticism, essencially responding to the issue with another question so we're left in a non ending loop. The people in question came here and replied simply to show us that they read the topic, and haven't come back to read whatever is being said again. I think it's clear what needs to be done, and I'll keep myself away from trying to help, becouse there's clearly no interest from anyone to actually read and debate what can or needs to be changed, even after we've made countless posts with suggestions and ideas for the future. The staff team doesn't want to change, and the game will eventually die.
  10. Considering you take the items from the scammer there aren't any risks for the eco, besides wasting time if it's a setup of some sorts. I don't agree with you, but I can see your side.
  11. I get that, but with the right proof, you can surely see if everything is in place for a refund. I can't understand why wouldn't you take the items from the scammer and give them back, if the proof proves it. At least warn people that they won't get their items back, so they're informed before hand. I get scammed, provide proof and I'm STILL at the mercy of the scammer to have my items back. I just don't get it.
  12. That makes no sense. If I get scammed, I wont get my items back becouse you think that's not right? What? So you guys always say to record stakes/duels, just so the other person gets banned with your items they scammed in the account, and you're left with a thank you? Does taking the items from the scammer account and giving them back take that much effort for you not wanting to do it?
  13. I also know cases where the person got scammed, provided proof and didn't get refunded.
  14. Sadly I feel like this whole situation got you guys in a place where you need to prove you deserve the spot. I wont make any comparisons, but every server I've been to, the Admins interact and engage with the community A LOT more. May it be through helping via ::yell, community events, etc. This is what's lacking, becouse sadly this is the Internet, and when someone sees one getting attacked, they will all pile up to throw a punch. I'll post below some things I think should change, in case you guys read this: Interaction with the community; more community events. This is something I didn't see at all during 5 months. This is part of the reason some people don't "like" you guys. As stated above, the 1-year event was a joke. All we got was a drop party, that had a chance to be insignificant to a lot of people, and it did. You managed to get the numbers back up to 700, now imagine you did stuff like this more often? Boss events, messing around spawning bosses and making the community have a good time, there's a lot that can be done. Weekends are the perfect scenario to host events, and whoever the Event Manager is needs to work on this. Forums are passive, to say the least. To be honest I don't know much about forums, but I'm sure the team can work something out to boost up the activity. More Admin positions. I feel like you guys need more people to focus on the stuff that needs to be done. As said above, everyone has a life, and sometimes that takes away time to sit down and enjoy/work on Zenyte. Having more people that are wiling to help the server opens up more space for higher quality content and more detailed information towards the community. There's problably more, but that's all I have right now. The competition with other servers is intense, and coming from below you need to work extra hard to stand out. I really hope the server turns around. I'm waiting on that to try it out again.
  15. 1. This isnt the best approach to the situation. Players usually don't talk to staff members, let alone ask hows your day. If you do things that most of the server is unaware of, clarify those things. Not that you need to do it, but it seems it's necessary to ease the situation. 2. Besides the 2FA and the Data Breach, the rest seems a bit passive? Data Breach was a massive thing lately, and glad that's sorted, but besides that, it doesn't look much to me. Streaming looks more of a personal thing than a admin duty, and the newsletter could be handed of to someone else that would specifically look into it, so you could free space to work on more important things? 3. I do agree that bashing your name isn't the right approach, and should be punishable. The problem isn't the time you put in the game itself, becouse to be honest, I didn't even know you had a HCIM, let alone you streamed it. The 5 months I played, I saw you getting online ocassionally to advertise your stream, and that was about it. Taking the right approach is important to keep everything sorted and organized, but I also think that the way staff interacts with the players is a bit to aggressive. Saying stuff like "you guys are starting to piss me off" instead of posting a thread about the issue isn't gonna make things easier. Before I left, the hot topic was the staff abuse on players, and how things were done. I saw some people getting banned by small things with no priors, with no warnings. Things like this spread amoung the community and if it's not adressed, makes the group of people around that person to "riot", and cause even more trouble. In conclusion, I don't wish to shit on anyones parade. There are a lot of problems currently and, without the proper attention, will get out of control. The server isn't good at the moment, and the spark has left. I personally feel like the staff team only interacts with the community when it's absolutely necessary. The 1-year "event" was a joke, a lot more could've been done, for example. Some staff members need to step up, interact with the community a lot more and get organized. Zenyte has the potential to be the best server out there for a long time, but it has to start with a organized team behind it, or else it will fall apart.
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