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  1. Option 2 would be worth seeing, just would require a few new items to be thought of and any amount changes.
  2. I'll take my rewards for last month's vote leaderboard.
  3. Seeing as that Zenyte is reaching its 1 year mark in a few weeks, I thought I might aswell suggest a veteran rank. This rank would require the following: - 1 year account creation date - 500 hours in-game time played (Could be changed, just my thoughts) An example of what the rank would look like on forums. Had to make sure server name isn't on that lol. And of course instead of it saying ex staff member it'd say Zenyte Veteran or something along those lines. If this idea is to be added, you could add a feature where a member is able to choose what rank they wish to have showing as primary rank. For example if someone is diamond donator and they want the donor rank to show over veteran. If that colour isn't good then something like this would be nice aswell. It would be great if the rank could also be shown ingame but that's a topic for another discussion with devs I'd guess. Hxrdcores idea is better after discussing it on discord. Would be a more appropriate method.
  4. It's an unintended game mechanic on OSRS and they haven't said how tick manipulation is possible, so basically what hxrdcore said. It'd be a difficult task for devs to implement this.
  5. Well, don't believe rumours then. Not much more I can say on that. But yes, we are quite behind on OSRS in terms of content but that's not really a surprise seeing as the server is just under 1 years old. I'm sure it'll eventually catch up.
  6. It was never said that construction will be the next big update in December, clues were being worked on at the time. And inferno aswell. Construction won't even be here for another few months from now atleast. Seeing as you're an UIM, clues does slightly help you in that you have the option to use stash units to store some useful items that would otherwise take up inv/bag space.
  7. The ones you've said should be filtered in the next update, I had quite a large list which Chris fixed (hopefully)
  8. Cop

    Wilderness #2

    Parchment can't be added until zenyte gets a revision upgrade, which won't be anytime in the relatively near future. However it will be one of the things added once it is possible.
  9. Long deserved Benz
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