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  1. Ludi entry 6, thank you so much for this event and good luck to all of you!
  2. Thank you so much for the event. Ludi entry 4, Sorry i can show chat interaction this way on Mobile. I tried but I am not sure how I would do this.. im pretty new and havent played rs in ages. Im not sure how I can vertify this vote. The screenshot name.is automatically generated and confirms the time I suppose.
  3. I hope this via mobile is okay and works too https://imgur.com/a/nbG1Jy0
  4. Being able to tag or enable the names of the items on mobile would be a massive help regardless. Like the idea though!
  5. Ludi

    Zenyte Easter Giveaway

    Fantastic, gonna do this now!
  6. Great CC, joined recently and they made me feel home instantly. Social and loyal people with nice events and even giveaways!
  7. /text doesnt work for me (anymore?). Maybe it is because i accidentily left the general clan chat? I still see people with global chats. Im so confused now. What to do?
  8. Been reading some, thanks! Great help, much appreciated. Everything is so long ago, I basically only remembered the name Varrock and Lumbridge and how to train the most skills as a basic. Hope to see you all on the other side!
  9. Hey! I have joined this game yesterday. Played RS from like 2004-2008 or something. Was like 1200 total then with combat ~80-90 IIRC. Found this and felt nostalgic. I cant remember much about all details, so is there a good place for an overview and some tips where and how to start? Been voting and doing a daily today. Now just training some stats and remembering stuff. Any info and tips are welcome and if anyone wants some new recruite, let me know! I have seem some people talk in global with questions, is that a limited feat or how does that work? Have a great day! Ludi
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