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  1. Patch 13/1/21 Fix Scorpia's mechanics including healers and offspring Set droprate of Ancient Equipment to 1/300 from 1/250 Fix a typo in the drop viewer for wilderness npcs dropping Ancient Equipment/PVP Equipment
  2. Yeah, we can change names, copy over character files, and the like. But that causes other issues with hiscores and other api calls. Their method is "A" work around, but I would not go with a work around. I would rather spend the time to make an actual solution, but I'm not personally sure all that would need double and triple checked to know how to do this PROPERLY, and therefore it's not a priority for me to support at the current time. This is why I'm entirely against this in it's current form. If we're going to do it, we'll do it properly, and exactly how people would expect it to go. This is not a solution in my eyes.
  3. Tbh this is the reason I'm against it, it does not meet the existing expectation of a name change.
  4. On behalf of Matt: Hello Community, I wanted to write a brief statement and attach it to the update log of January 11th 2021. I would like to first say thank you for your patience during these month(s) as we all awaited an update. I made a statement during the Christmas announcement that I understood that 2020 was full of lost hope, and broken promises. I want us turn a new leaf and I feel by being transparent and honest with our community is a major step in the right direction. I made a statement in the New Year's thread that I wanted to have the December content poll update in beta testing by the first week of January and updated into the live game by the first half of January. This was able to happen successfully due to the astonishing work of many dedicated individuals. This is hopefully one of many updates that you will see in the future from our new management team however one thing that I would like from our community as we move forward is for participation in our content polls, surveys, and suggestion boards. These will be fundamental when we work on our monthly update schedule. The QA Team, Development Team, Staff Team, and Senior Staff Team put a lot of effort into the QA testing for this update. A couple of individuals clocked in a 6 to 8 hour days Monday through Thursday. You guys are the true VIPs of this update! I would also like to take a minute to address the PVP aspect of the Ancient Warrior Armor update! It has came to my attention prior to release that individuals may use multiple alternative accounts to kill the bosses in record times, and have other accounts/friends to kill any on comers. It is important to remember that that there is no instances or worlds so please be respectful of your fellow players. The common courtesy rule should be followed and I have instructed the Staff Team to enforce it as needed. I would also like touch base on a few inquiries I have received in regards to safe spotting. You will be allowed to safe spot the bosses in a mechanic similar to OSRS for example Venenatis is able to be safe spotted on a different tile then OSRS however a similar method. You will not be allowed to use alternative account(s) to manipulate walk paths etc of the wilderness bosses. This is unethical and actually as of recent raised a huge stink on OSRS when people was using this mechanic for Cerberus. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to a member of Staff prior to using a safe spot. Thank you, Matt
  5. January Patch 2021 Ancient Warrior's Equipment Wilderness Slayer The Ancient Warrior's Equipment (PVP Armors) can be obtained by wilderness slayer. However it is important to note that this armor will only be dropped by NPCs with a combat level of 70+. You will receive both a game message and a global broadcast of the drop. Wilderness Bosses The Wilderness Bosses (Scorpia, Callisto, Venenatis, Vet'ion) will have the Ancient Warrior's Equipment (PVP Armors) added to their drop table. The drop chances are weighed based upon the type for example weapons will be rarer then armor and armor will be rarer then throwing axes or javelins. You will also have a slight buff in drop chance if you are currently on task for a wilderness boss. ulcU2QpeT0.mp4 lCyQ9NWh6v.mp4 lCyQ9NWh6v.mp4 lCyQ9NWh6v.mp4 yYVYLhVSjP.mp4 zE4eWBM0MM.mp4 Clue Hunter Outfit Obtaining the Clue Hunter Outfit The Clue hunter outfit which was originally added to OSRS around the Summer of 2016 during the "Crack the clue!" Event has finally been added to Zenyte. You will be able to obtain this outfit by digging at the specific location(s) that were discovered during this event. A guide on how to obtain all items can be found here. Warm Clothing The Clue hunter outfit is best known for the effect of being warm clothing for Wintertodt. You will be able to obtain 6 pieces of warm clothing in the matter of 10 to 15 minutes after creating a new ironman account for example which is currently a pain in the rear for a lack of a better term with the lack of warm clothing available to fresh accounts. Twisted Ancestral Robes The Twisted Ancestral Color Kit The Twisted Ancestral Color Kit can be obtained by completing a raid at the rate of 1/125. You will have the ability to use this coloring kit on one piece of Ancestral Armor turning it into Twisted Ancestral. It is important to note this will only effect 1 piece of armor at a time so you will need at least 3 coloring kits to make a full set of Twisted Ancestral. Death Mechanics & Dismantling During a PVP situation in which Twisted Ancestral is risked if dropped the Ancestral will turn into regular Ancestral along with 80k coins to represent the Twisted Color Kit. During a non-wilderness death the Twisted Ancestral will be kept in tact and will be handled as a standard death drop. You will also be able to dismantle the robes and receive both a regular piece of ancestral and the coloring kit. dCJ3bP3AiG.mp4 dCJ3bP3AiG.mp4 Other updates and changes for January Patch: You will now be able to obtain a Abyssal Bludgeon parts from Abyssal Demons and combine them together to make a Abyssal Bludgeon. Abyssal Area (ALR) has been added in-game and can now be accessed by the fairy rings. The Draynor wine stall now gives the correct items when thieved. The God Wars Door entry fee for Zenyte Donators has been corrected to 10. If you have coins inside of a death storage for example Vorkath you will now be able to pay for your items with those coins. Wilderness bosses will now have the correct paired drops for example Venenatis has super restores and crabs dropped together. You will now be able to drink the tea that is sold by the Varrock Shop instead of just the one stolen. You can now use Ogre coffin keys on the chest in order to receive a random loot. You can no longer turn a jug of water into a jug of wine after you drink it. 3rd age armor now requires the correct stats in order to wear the items. mutated bloodvelds will now drop bloods in a stack of 7 and 30 instead of a random amount between 7 and 30. A meat pie will now function as a standard pie when consumed & will no longer give you a pie dish after eating only half of a meat pie. The Team X Cape can now be stored in the Treasure Trail Chest. NPCs at the Farming Guild now have the correct description when you examine them. You will now be able to purchase a pack of buckets from the General Store for the price of 200 coins. Scavengers will now drop a lockpick at a rate of 1/9. Goldsmithing Gauntlets are now inside of the Treasure Trail Chest. Enhanced Ice Gloves are now inside of the Treasure Trail Chest. Player hits should no longer come through once the player who deployed the hit dies. We now prioritize Byrophyta's staff charges over runes in a rune pouch or in the player's inventory. When you put 10 cabbages into a sack, they don't magically transmog into potatoes. Presets in your bank should now be fixed and no longer unorganized your entire bank. The issues and delay with entering and leaving Tears of Guthix has been corrected. You should no longer be able to leave Tears of Guthix with the bowl equipped. Interfaces for Tears of Guthix have been patched and should close smoothly. A place holder has been added to the Dragonfire Shield (DFS). The Skeleton outfit can now be stored in the magic storage unit. If a player infuses the ranging cape or the max cape with a assembler both capes will have that effect. A Scythe now has the proper animations assigned. A Night beast will now only use the magic attack on the first hit and when the target is out of melee. You will now be able to filter Callisto's attack messages using the game filter option. A charged infernal pickaxe or charged axe will take priority over uncharged if you are carrying both. The fishing guild door is no longer bugged and will allow you to smoothly walk through without the need to spam click. A placeholder has been added for the ancient wyvern shield. There has been some tweaks to the current prayer system to fix minor prayer delay issues.
  6. Hello, I just wanted to give you an update. I got in contact with the person that will be able to handle the request, and they're busy atm but will get to it as soon as they can. I apologize for the wait.
  7. Jakey's Services Hey all, so I'm Jakey! I'm here to provide services to players, starting with a few services than working my way through more as I see fit. I mostly do PVM type stuff, so feel free to contact me with custom requests even if they aren't on this thread as of yet. Vorkath Head Service With this service I will get you your first vorkath head for an ava's assembler! This item is very useful because it makes ranged ammo literally never show up on the ground! While Vorkath may not be the most difficult boss, some people may find it hard to get the motivation to complete up to 50 kills for the head, so I'm here to do it for you! I currently have 800+ Vorkath KC on Zenyte on my main account. I will provide the inventory supplies and the weapon. You just need to have an Ava's assembler, void is preferred, but possible in dragonhides. I will be keeping the drops of my choice (including visages), but any deaths (if they happen) will come out of my pocket, not yours. THIS IS ONLY FOR THE FIRST HEAD ON THE ACCOUNT, HOWEVER I WILL DO MORE HEADS AT A DIFFERENT RATE! Ironmen other than HCIM are eligible for this, please message me in order to discuss gear. Cost: 400k per kill; up to 50 kills (100% chance of head on 50th kill)* Stat Requirements: 65 Ranged 70+ Hitpoints 39 Magic Gear Requirements: Salve amulet (ei) Higher defense is a bonus, a small discount may be provided for void/elite void. *if either a pet, or one of the visages drop, the head will be free ORDERING In order to place an order please add me in-game if you're not on discord and we can discuss through there. Otherwise, message me on discord (Jakey#3825) and we can discuss the inner workings more so, including 2fa if applicable. I look forward to working with you, and best of luck on Zenyte! COMPLETIONS
  8. Zenyte In-game name: Jakey Discord user name: ComradeNuzzles#2675 Timezone (UTC): UTC-4 Time Played In-game (Provide screenshot): 10d 17hrs The team you would like to join: PVM Reason for applying: Because I'd like to join a team soley for PVM Gear setup if you apply for PVM Team (Provide screenshot): @Ziniy knows my gear Brief over view of experience: General PVM as well as GWD, vorkath, and zulrah Do you accept the rules: Yes
  9. Thank you all for the warm welcomes
  10. Hey guys! I'm Jakey! I am excited to be a part of the Zenyte community! I'm a 21 year old college student and mall cop O7 I'm in college for computer science and absolutely adore it as computers have been my passion, and I love learning more about how they work as well as using them to make my own things! Don't tell my boss but I play at work (shhhh). I've been around these parts since beta testing, and geeze the server came a long way! Feel free to ask me anything at all!
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