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  1. So i'm currently trying to get really professional with my video editing but i'd like to cut out the part of my own recording and work with someone else's footage. This is completely free (as i'm still newer at this) and my goal here is to really do some nice editing so if you're an RSPS youtuber or just someone who needs a video edited (or know someone) feel free to message me on here or also you can message me on discord! Whiprealgood#5856 No requirements for the footage you provide, if you have a face cam recording it separately from the footage is nice to have but not at all required. Just remember footage quality is only as good as what I would receive. I'm just putting out feelers to see if I could at some point edit for money so good or bad feedback is very much wanted! Here's a video for reference on what I am capable of, I just have a long way to go.
  2. I totally got the reasoning behind it, and i agree with it. Thanks for the extra explanation though
  3. "Jatizso Banker can now be accessed" POG. "Should you die inside your instance, you are able to pay the Knight a fee of 1,500,000 GP to retrieve your gear. " Don't die as an iron or you'll be broke as hell in no time..got it! Awesome update! Excited to finally grind out some GWD...just hope i don't die but my nooby self cant help it
  4. there's great iron CC's like "irons" and "elite irons" but I don't like this idea, it's restricting. I'm no pker myself and I get why you suggest this, but if I can give you some good advice. This server is VERY close to the actual OSRS so if you need to know something feel free to look it up like your looking something up on osrs, you'll likely find the answer!
  5. Great work! anyone starting out will surely need this, I think a big point to make is to use thieving for seeds at master farmer after level 38 thieving. That early farming grind with the seeds needed goes a long way, I got plenty of money from voting alone.
  6. I would totally agree with you if they had to make the whole mine work but it's already there and working, I was able to go right in. With my VERY small dev experience I don't think it really be much work to get the NPC who is already there to have a bank option, that's all we need here as everything else is already working and there. But hey i've been wrong many times before! Thanks for your comment
  7. Sorry man i came off harsh, i'm bad at shit talk
  8. As an ironman fighting with others at the mining guild to get adamant ores just to finish my shaman grind it would be really fast to implement an alternate option for us. The jatizo mine is fully functional and just needs a bank in the main city to make this a great alternate option for irons or anyone to mine adamant ore. Please add this bank functionality it would be greatly apprecated. There's a ton of options for rocks https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Jatizso_mine
  9. My rap was shit but this was so bad he had to hide his face....
  10. Keep up the great work man! Would love to hear some narration in your videos, if you ever need tips on mics hit me up i'm a total enthusiast and I frankly just love talking about them.
  11. If we added magic notepaper I would want it to be restricted to the wilderness if added at all. At least it would make for some good pk's occasionally. But overall not a big fan, I've never had any issues with supplies. I'm not saying the gauntlet would be DOA but it would probably be pretty low on the priority list, there's a lot I would like to see the devs add first, but at some point it would be worth adding for the content.
  12. man you spent so much time on the DWH! i'd be so sad de-ironing after that. Best of luck on the new series!
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