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  1. Hey there~ I am Saucey, I am a pretty cool individual that has been working in the gaming communities for a decade now. I have worked with server management and development for longer than I can remember. Starting off with Zombie Panic: Source and moving into Garry's Mod etc. I still run game servers in KF2 and such. I am glad to have crossed paths with Noele in another community I Administrate. I hope to be a very active member here in the near future and try to give any and all help that I can while I am here. I love this server and I cannot get enough of it~ I am Izabella#1129 on Discord if you are down to game or what not~ I am a huge nerd when it comes to building computers as well~ :3 I am going to be 26 on June 20th and I also work with car audio stuff. I am a lame Swede in the US as well~
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