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  1. The work is greatly appreciated kris. Thank you.
  2. Would it be possible to make a tab that lists all the teles in the home portal with a searchable option like the searchable option with fairy rings? I think it would be fantastic and alot of people would be on board.
  3. Thank you sir. It is much appreciated.
  4. I'm not sure if this was intentional but I have tested half a dozen shops all around the map and havnt been able to find any shops(with the exception of general stores) that buy noted items. For example trying to sell a noted gems to a gem shop. A huge one that I feel needs to be fixed is the tzarr trader. Many players have 1000 of ores that they dont want to sell in ge because prices but if they wanted tokkul would have to sell them un-noted to the store, which means hundreds of trips. Would be really nice to be able to sell the noted items to their corresponding shops.
  5. Yeah that makes sense. It would have been nice but if it's too much work then not a big deal.
  6. This would probably be really low priority but I know clue hunters and a lot of collectors have asked staff how many of a certain item is in game. I think that it would be cool to make that a searchable option for players to actually see how many of a rare items are in game rather than having to bother staff. I feel as though it could possible help balance the pricing in the GE because then players could get a much better idea of how rare something actually is.
  7. Not sure what entry this is or if it's too late.
  8. Pretty sure this is entry #10 Sorry for horrible pic, was in a rush.
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