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  1. I second this! Took me ages to find the Vessel and it's an absolute mission of a walk! haha
  2. Hey Palace, Did you manage to do Jad? I would definitely recommend using broad bolts, and switch to diamond (e) just before Jad phase. Also the healer situation you mentioned just try not to panic they normally spawn around half of his hp, Best way to get through this in my opinion is just breathe focus on switching his prayers. While waiting for his next attack click one minion at a time or two if you can to lure them on to you. Make sure your not standing to close to Jad as the healers can still heal him, maybe 4-5 squares back. Best of luck. Daddy,
  3. Hi please see below the list of items i have for sale. Feel free to reply to this thread or pm me in-game. Thanks for looking and please be aware some items might have sold i will try to edit the post and remove accordingly. Blue D'hide Body (t) Amulets of power,magic,strength (t) Jester cape, Studded chaps (g), pantaloons, Studded body (t), Adamant Kiteshields (h3)&(h5) White elegant skirt, Teacher wand, Black platebody (h3) Steel plateskirt (t) Hosidius/arecuus Banners, Shayzien hood, Hosidius scarf, Purple elegant legs, Crier bell, Thieving bag, Adamant Kiteshield (t), Guthix page 1 & 4, Bandos page 1, Ancient Kiteshield, Tan cavalier, Powdered Wig, Mithril platebody (t) & (g), Adamant Plateskirt (g), Explorer backpack, Armadyl robe top, Apprentice wand, Green d'hide chaps (g), Ancient page 4, Armadyl cloak, Zamorak cloak, x340 purple sweets 6k each. War blessing, Mithril Kiteshield (g) & (t) Mithril Platelegs (g)
  4. Need Zulrah kill for Diary please. Thanks, Daddyspie Needed Zulrah Kill for diary was a bit nervous at first giving details to a total stranger but kept in contact all the way 100% legit and will use again in future if needed. Vouch +1 Thank you
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