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    I love all of these suggestions. This idea is brilliant and I am glad you took the time to make this post as you are not the only player wanting these changes, however you are the only player that has taken the time to make a post bringing this to light. This server is known by the community as a "pvm" server and while pvm is enjoyable, pvp content is just as enjoyable and a balance of both would boost activity on this server. Lots of players that are pvp oriented lose interest in this server because the pvp content is dead. Not only would these suggestions make the wilderness more active but as CIA proposed it would be a great alternative for making cash. I really do hope staff takes this into consideration and implements this soon. +1
  2. 1. How many hours a day do you play? 2. Are you in any other CLANS? 3. Do you have Discord?(no mic needed) 4. Are you experienced in pvming? 5. What is you favorite boss? 6. How did you hear about us? 1. I play 12+ hours a day, 7 days a week 2. No I am not in any other clans 3. Yes I have discord (and a mic) 4. Yes I am very experienced pvming 5. Olm is my favorite boss. All I do on here is raid 6. Heard about you from the massive yell spam just now and I knew it was meant to be
  3. hey if that guide doesn't work for you, try ::ticket on discord. Distraction helped me out pretty quick with that.
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