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  1. I second this. Distraction is an awesome human being and will do exceptionally well at whatever IRL takes him to. Great dude and great friend.
  2. Support all the way. Like you said, with Amythest not being profitable this shouldnt be an issue. I think putting it behind a lower tier donator rank would be good.
  3. Panda

    Zenyte Easter Giveaway

    Good luck to those participating!
  4. People saying "copy and pasted from wiki - bad guide." The fact is, 90% of players are too lazy to go to the OSRS wiki and look up the information and instead flood the help cc with repeat questions. Therefore, a guide on the Zenyte forums that players can reach can only be beneficial. Thanks for doing it
  5. Nice. Ancient shards are pog
  6. Hello and welcome to my progress thread! As you may have seen, I switched my moderator crown over to my 'Iron Panda' account because I finally maxed 'Panda' and needed a new challenge. The account is a 25x Hardcore Ironman and I hope to keep it hardcore as long as possible I will update this log as I gain levels and drops. I hope you enjoy! Do I still have my HC status? YES (3/22/20) 99 Firemaking - 03/20/20 Skilling Update #1: 99 Thieving and other gains
  7. Wouldn't be a #Baka post without a #Baka selfie.
  8. Looks like some juicy loot. Congrats mate!
  9. Welcome back dude! Glad to see ya
  10. HCIM is supposed to be a challenge! Thats what makes it fun. There will always be risk associated with these types of accounts. As others mentioned, there are ways to avoid dying to this and I would recommend using them
  11. Congrats on the promotions fellas Will miss you @Jakey and @Rolex thanks for your contributions!
  12. ----Updated with a sample rewards shop idea----
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