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  1. Welcome back to Zenyte! As we await the launch tomorrow, we'd like to share our first update post with the community. We have all been hard at work trying to get the server ready for our launch tomorrow August 11th, 2023, and we're excited to announce the first of many game updates! As a reminder: Your account profiles will remain with the same usernames, passwords, 2fa, and donator rank, but they will be completely reset, requiring you to pick a game mode and an exp multiplier again at tutorial island. Drop Rate/Store Revisions - All unique medium to high tier items have made to be 40-60% more common than OSRS. - Supply drop table has been reworked including potions, secondaries, chinchompas, ammo, gems, and food amounts. - Bounty Hunter shop has been reworked including addition of Infinity set pieces, mages book, Tier 1 emblem; removal of many low tier items; and changes to the cost of potions and other misc items. - Vote shop has gone under several revisions including adding Ancient shards, Rune defender, Halo's, Boss teleport scrolls, Bone crusher, Ash sanctifier, and other misc items; Also changed prices of many of the items in the vote shop to reflect an early game. - Slayer shop has received a few new additions including cannonballs, slayer bracelets, dark light, and others. - The home shops for regular accounts have been modified to reflect the inventory of the ironman shops as polled. - The donator shop has received some price modifications and the addition of many new items and cosmetics! Game Updates - Shooting stars now spawn (3 of them) 10 mins after server start. When mined, another will spawn somewhere else after an hour of it being depleted. - There is a telescope east of Zulrah (that you can get to via fairy ring) that when interacted with shows you the location of one star. The telescope shows the place of an active star, and when theres no active star then it tells you there isn't an active star. - Raw dark crab fishing back to unnoted in resource area. - Change Verzik crystals coins on death to 60k. - Change Task skip scroll alch price to 50k. - Edit Trivia Questions containing removed or changed updates. - Removal of Blood shard from drop tables. - Updated ⁠broadcasts webhooks. - Twisted ancestral kit moved to challenge mode only 1/60 inside of the time limit. - Lowered the GP reward from voting back to original Zenyte launch amounts. - Added dragon pickaxe to the KQ drop table. - Changed Crystal chest default loot amounts to reflect OSRS amounts. - Made pet mystery box + pets inside untradable. - Removal of the Chaos Altar, Resource area, Callisto, Vetion, Venenatis, King black dragon teleport scrolls. - Doubled Purple sweets received from clue caskets. - Improved the amount of cannonballs that cannons hold for each donator rank. - Updated Sanguinesti staff to be charged the same way as OSRS - Login screen backgrounds changed for the launch of Zenyte II - Added Defence XP lock system. - Changed Tortured gorilla Zenyte drop rate change. - Home vote shops changes. - Vote bonuses for the donator ranks have been reintroduced - Changed Slayer shop rewards. - Revenant table has been adjusted of drops, rates and on-task rates added in. - Added 1 rev dragon in place of removing 3 black dragons. - Mossy and giant key drop rate improved when killing these NPCs in the wilderness. - Remove dragon pickaxe from the mining guild shop. - Convert junior mod role back to Server support. - Made unidentified minerals only obtainable inside the mining guild mine. - Removal of crystal weapon recolor crystals as the weapons have been removed from game. - Fixed Aerial Fishing so events there can’t break the game anymore (capped the amount of whirlpools to 30). - Added Farmers blessing item to donator shop. - Blue graceful dye moved from loyalty shop to Brimhaven agility store. - Allow noting on the barrows glove chest. - Scythe of Vitur longranged removed. - Fixed preserve + rapid heal. - Fixed regen brace, hp cape, max cape Hitpoints restore effect. - Fixed hp orb regen circle for items with hp regen effect. - Fixed Hitpoints regeneration to match OSRS. - Fixed bug where having a full bank and loading preset keeps a shield equip with a 2h weapon. - Removed grape seeds from thieving. - Fixed the beard showing while wearing serpentine helm variants. - Fixed tutorial dialogue (removed mentions of items not in the shops). - Removed 200m capes from Mac @ home shop so they can be reworked later on. - Fixed Cox CM record board times - Changed Wyvern visage to match the boost of drop chance as other items - Removed old update of Crystal keys from slayer monsters that were for the crystal weapons demand of keys - Changed Granite maul with Granite clamp to +85 Crush attack - Changed the inferno practice mode to 200k entry fee - Add Wyrm pet to the Wyrm's drop table
  2. On behalf of Zenyte, we would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the most recent discord polls. We have been working diligently over the last few weeks to capture as much feedback as we can from the community and have the following announcements: 1.) We conducted a poll and majority of the players who voted would like to see a server reset. 2.) We conducted a poll and majority of the players who voted would like to see us launch a Zenyte without a lot of the custom items. 3.) We had a respected developer offer his services to maintain the infrastructure of the game, client and website making them much easier to update. 4.) We had one developer offer to return who has worked on this project in the past. 5.) Jade has offered to continue her assistance with the development side. With that being said, Your username/password and total donated will not reset. The account profiles will remain with the same usernames/passwords/2fa/donator rank but will be completely reset, requiring to pick a game mode and an exp multiplier again at tutorial island. Now in terms of changes to expect for the upcoming reset, here is the current change log: Removal of Content We will be removing the ability to obtain the Faceguard from regular basilisks. Removed crystal rocks Removed crystal harpoon Removed crystal jar drop table Removed crystal Implings Removed crystal shards from elf thieving Removed ZD ring (fun item) Removed creation process for crystal items Removed crystal woodcutting mechanics Removed crystal tree object spawn point Removed crystal tree mechanics Removed singing bowls Removed rabbit hole Removed elven chest object spawn point Removed mythical chest object spawn point Removed godwars chest object spawn point Removed multiple resource area object spawn points (noted item variant) Removed crystal tree skill challenge Changed crystal rocks spawn to limestone spawns Removed wilderness merchant shop object spawn point (cart) Removed wilderness merchant shop Removed teleport merchant NPC Removed mythical chest Removed all crystal shard drops from regular NPCs in drops.json Removed games of necklace (8) from jewelry store Removed rings of dueling (8) from jewelry store Removed vials of blood drops from Vyrewatch Removed singing bowls from lletya Removed crystal rocks from lletya Removed the elder elf from lletya Removed GWD chest and GWD keys Removed PVP armor drops from Callisto Removed PVP armor drops from scorpia Removed PVP armor drops from venenatis Removed PVP armor drops from Vet' ion Removed PVP armor drops from Chaos Elemental Removed wilderness PVP armor weapon drops Increased the time to mine Gem Rocks (was 75% faster) Changed crystal key loot from 2x > 1x Removed event ticket dispenser and well of goodwell Removed Event token exchange shop Reduced voting GP from voting back to original Removed the shooting star NPC temp. Reverted the CoX rewards drop table. Changed Amulet of Avarice effect back to rev caves Adjusted revenants drop table back to normal Added fee for resource area gate back Removed crystal shards from all drop processes. Removed the ability to obtain twisted horns. Removed crystal shards drop from ToB Removed crystal shards from CoX Removed crystal shards from mystery Box. Remove crystal imps from in game. Removed crystal shards from elves pickpocketing. Removed raids 1 donator boost. Removed crystal dust creation. Removed 2x herbs for ruby donators. Removed blood fury. Donation Rank Changes Roles will require the following total donated moving forward: Sapphire - $10 Emerald - $50 Ruby - $150 Diamond - $250 Dragonstone - $500 Onyx - $1000 Zenyte - $2500
  3. Greetings, friends of Zenyte! The long awaited reset is almost here and we couldnt be more excited. Our staff team has been hard at work crafting Zenyte into something that you guys are excited to play again. To celebrate the beginning of this journey, we have lined up an array of events for the first weekend of the launch. Get ready for a weekend filled with fun challenges, exciting competitions, and juicy rewards to get things kicked off in the right direction! First to Max Competition It wouldn't be a fresh start without a First to Max competition! We are excited to bring the following rewards for the first to max in each game mode: Regular Account -50x/25x: $75 bond + 10m gp (Winner: Yaxx) -10x: $100 bond + 20m gp -5x: $150 bond + 30m gp Ironman -50x/25x: $75 bond (Winner: Noqrest) -10x: $100 bond (Winner: Excedrin) -5x: $150 bond Hardcore Ironman -50x/25x: $75 bond (Winner: Noir) -10x: $100 bond -5x: $150 bond Ultimate Ironman -50x/25x: $75 bond (Winner: Llow) -10x: $100 bond -5x: $150 bond First Item Events -First Zulrah Unique: $10 bond (Winner: Brandino) -First Godwars Unique: $10 bond (Winner: Demon) -First Ranger Boots: $10 bond (Winner: Svensei) -First Skilling Pet: $20 bond (Winner: Noqrest) -First Boss Pet: $20 bond (Winner: Svensei) -First 3rd age piece: $20 bond (Winner: Xxx hcim xxx) -First Infernal cape: $30 bond -First CoX Purple: $30 bond (Winner: Svensei) -First ToB Purple: $30 bond (Winner: Godzilla) Participants must provide screenshot evidence of their achievement (including game broadcast and/or account type) and submit them to a Global Moderator+ on Discord. Saturday Pest Control Mass During the event period, every Pest Control game you participate in will yield double Pest Control points! (This also scales with your donator rank) You definitely wont want to miss out on getting some extra points towards your void set! You may even see some staff with boosted gear helping out Sunday BXP Day During this event, you will enjoy a 50% boost to all of your XP gains. Sieze this opportunity to level up faster and reach max to claim the First to Max prizes! Reminder, this is a temporary event, and bonus XP won't be on a regular basis after the first week of the server launching. So, make the most of this time and level up like never before! Random Events Mashup Throughout the weekend, we'll also be hosting spontaneous, surprise events with exclusive rewards, including bonds + mystery boxes! These might include hide-and-seek events, quiz challenges, or even boss masses. Stay active and engaged to catch these events as they happen! Stay tuned to our Discord server for specific event times and additional details. We can't wait to embark on this journey with all of you! See you on August 11th, 2023!
  4. Thanks for the feedback Jett. We agree, our goal with Zenyte is to progress the game forward and continue to bring new content to the community. We feel the best way to do this is to reset. This will allow us to remove the custom content that was added as a 'bridge' for when we did not have regular game updates. So going forward our goal is to get the newer OSRS content added. For the forums, I agree that it is quite clunky. However this will not be our focus prior to reset. This may be a focus after we get Zenyte up and running again. Our main priority now is to put all of our efforts into getting Zenyte ready for reset so that we can all get back to progressing our characters!
  5. Let's see some YT vids mate. Enjoyed your content. Hope to see you back
  6. Welcome back mate!
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  9. Hello Community, OSGP donations have always and will always be a common method of donating for Runescape Private Servers (RSPS) however it is important to remember that all trades are conducted at your own risk. We (as a Senior Staff Team) however do utilize accounts with respected time played, total level and wealth to minimize this risk to our players. We have decided to keep the donation rate for OSRS GP to $0.22/m This will be based upon current demand and at the discretion of the Senior Staff Member. We also have a discord role OSGP Donations on discord that you are welcome to tag if you would like to inquire or need additional assistance. always message senior staff directly in-game or from the discord staff list before giving someone any gold to make sure you don't get tricked in giving it to the wrong people. You can also request a private message on the forums or in-game prior to any transaction for your comfort. If you have any additional questions or concerns about OSRS GP donations feel free to reach out at any time to a member of the Senior Staff Team! Sincerely, Zenyte Management
  10. Panda

    Woodcutting Guide

    Great guide @SilverNova! One thing I would add is that the Woodcutting Guild provides a +7 boost over your current woodcutting level and it requires level 60 Woodcutting to enter. Thanks for taking the time to make this
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