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  1. This right here is the difference between a manager and a leader https://hbr.org/2013/08/tests-of-a-leadership-transiti
  2. There is already an object (the original zenyte portal) made for this. It is destiny and has been suggested since server release. Zenyte portal is a must in the house.
  3. Good luck with your future endeavors and thanks for your contributions to Zenyte over these 15 months. Sorry for being so harsh on you. While I do believe what I said was true about your activity over the last couple months, I truly dont know what goes on behind the scenes in your life and I apologize for letting my frustrations get the better of me when trying to address those frustrations. I obviously didnt handle it as well as I could have and should have. Your work in the early days of Zenyte helped shape it into a top tier server and you should be proud of that. Best of luck to you
  4. Everyone knows how corrupt staff shit has gotten over the last month or so, honestly its ridiculous. The whole thing is ridiculous. All anyone is asking is for people to do their jobs yet we get painted as toxic. Whole server has gone to shit, Life is shit for not managing his team better and holding his staff accountable, Echo is shit because he does nothing and still is allowed on the team. Feel bad for hide and hardcore and the rest of the team. What an example to set
  5. I'd expect a current admin to be better at their job, or get removed from it. But that isn't the case also. I was responding to what someone said. Did that person get an infraction as well?
  6. This is what I get for telling @Echo that he has lost my respect due to the fact that he no longer works hard in his admin position and takes advantage of others. Not being able to handle criticism is an awful trait to have. I hope you re-evaluate the way you handle situations like this in the future.
  7. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  8. Goodbye lads. Thanks for making this game some of the best memories for me. You can add me on discord at: Panda Scape#3001 if you wish to keep in touch
  9. I respect your opinion but I think you are missing the point on the overall reason in which all of these staff members are unhappy and deciding to resign. You are unbiased and I appreciate that. But I don’t think you and others understand the impact players opinions have on the success of the game. I love this place and I especially love the people who are in it (including you ) I’ve heard lots of opinions on the matter and have my own first hand experiences. Granted I don’t know every side to this specific instance, but I’ve seen reinforcement to my opinion in the past and others opinions as well. I hope I am wrong because I want to see you guys succeed. But without addressing these concerns and instead chalking them up to sub-groups of bad lower staff, I really don’t see how this will ever get any better.
  10. This is my personal opinion, but It really tells a lot about the current situation with the staff team. 4 resignations for a core group of the staff team isn't random. I wish we would address the problems we face head on so that these things won't continue happening and negatively impact Zenyte as a whole. Ive spent thousands of hours working for FREE to help make Zenyte a better place for the community and I know many others have as well. Lets not have all that work go to waste.
  11. Sad to see a great group of guys leave. You all will be missed Emphasis on this
  12. I stopped in fear of my creation being too good. Seriously though, I hope you get this up and running. Would be cool.
  13. I second this. Distraction is an awesome human being and will do exceptionally well at whatever IRL takes him to. Great dude and great friend.
  14. Support all the way. Like you said, with Amythest not being profitable this shouldnt be an issue. I think putting it behind a lower tier donator rank would be good.
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