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  1. hi 🐼

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      Hello @Panda @CoreyI couldn't find a way to say hi to you on your wall Panda.


  2. This feedback thread is long overdue. I just wanted to make a post congratulating the manager @Gepan for literally saving Zenyte when everyone else walked away. It takes a special kind of person to take charge during times of adversity and an even more special person to create positive change during those situations. Matt has gone above and beyond what I personally though was capable for Zenyte in recent months and I wanted to make sure that is publicly recognized. The senior management team, including @Jakeyall have done a fantastic job collaborating and implementing changes that have been overwhelmingly positive within the community and they deserve tons of praise. What an incredible job you guys have done and I hope you continue to keep making Zenyte the special place that it has always been. Hats off to you guys!
  3. Dont be like that brother. Hope you are doing well and enjoying yourself.
  4. Life my leaving had nothing to do with being promoted, it had everything to do with you becoming the manager. Looking back at the staff channel thats now public shows that I wasn't wrong about it either. Gepan is doing the best job with what he has been given, is taking player feedback into consideration, and providing a positive environment for the players, so I have literally 0 criticism for him thus far. He's doing a great job. Had you just done a half decent job I wouldn't have made any criticisms about you either! Not everything has to be about you bud. I care about the server and I care about people who actively try to make the server better. I don't target you personally, I target your (former) position and lack of ability in that position. You are right when saying the manager role doesn't have the ability to bring Zenyte back. However, the manager role had the ability to foster a positive environment for the players and staff team who volunteer their time and that didn't happen under your watch. You targeting me personally and talking about my ego completely misses the mark. I don't have an ego, I don't care to get personal recognition, I don't care about being in power. I care about the server and the people who made it an awesome place. I care about being empathetic and having compassion. I care about listening to people. And I think that is why people enjoyed being on the team when I was around. After Zenyte we are never going to see / talk to each other again. So hopefully after this you (and whoever else needs to hear) take away that empathy matters in real life. You will have a better and happier time if you put people before yourself. Ive seen you do it so I know you have it in you. I know how you feel about me, but I genuinely wish you the best dude. Always have.
  5. The person did not say anything about spawning items. Granted he did edit his message so he may have before and I am unaware. However, taking the condescending approach to player feedback like you have done for the past 4+ months is likely a factor to your economic analysis of "The less players we have, the harder the economy." Like I have been saying for months, instead of citing symptoms, maybe look at the actual root cause of why we are at this stage. Do better, look introspectively. It isnt hard. My blood boils seeing how this server has been completely destroyed by a lack of management, not saying just you but the whole team.
  6. We have an imposter!!!!!!!!! 😛 Jk but just so people know this is not my account.

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      You're welcome to it, decided Ironman isn't for me 😛

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      I am seeing double! 🤨

  7. It was a great run guys. I hope everyone is successful in whatever future life endeavors you find yourself in . Truly honored to be a part of something like this. Cheers
  8. The devs can weigh in on this more, but as of rn I think the way its set up is that name changes have the potential to screw up game files / forums accounts so it isn't really feasible.
  9. I really like this post. It provides constructive feedback without being hostile towards anyone. This is an example of something that we all (myself included) could take notes on. It shows a lot about your character and how you will excel in whatever it is you continue with IRL. Keep fighting the good fight and it was a pleasure to meet you during our time on Zenyte. As a side note, I really appreciate the kind words. I had a lot of fun with you on the team and I would like to think all of our contributions have made a positive, lasting difference on what the game is today. Before you head off into IRL fully, I would like to say: make sure you talk to Oziach to enable your drops Good luck out there Ruby!
  10. Only requires ACP access and about 1 minute of time to implement this
  11. This right here is the difference between a manager and a leader https://hbr.org/2013/08/tests-of-a-leadership-transiti
  12. There is already an object (the original zenyte portal) made for this. It is destiny and has been suggested since server release. Zenyte portal is a must in the house.
  13. Good luck with your future endeavors and thanks for your contributions to Zenyte over these 15 months. Sorry for being so harsh on you. While I do believe what I said was true about your activity over the last couple months, I truly dont know what goes on behind the scenes in your life and I apologize for letting my frustrations get the better of me when trying to address those frustrations. I obviously didnt handle it as well as I could have and should have. Your work in the early days of Zenyte helped shape it into a top tier server and you should be proud of that. Best of luck to you
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