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  1. People saying "copy and pasted from wiki - bad guide." The fact is, 90% of players are too lazy to go to the OSRS wiki and look up the information and instead flood the help cc with repeat questions. Therefore, a guide on the Zenyte forums that players can reach can only be beneficial. Thanks for doing it
  2. Nice. Ancient shards are pog
  3. Hello and welcome to my progress thread! As you may have seen, I switched my moderator crown over to my 'Iron Panda' account because I finally maxed 'Panda' and needed a new challenge. The account is a 25x Hardcore Ironman and I hope to keep it hardcore as long as possible I will update this log as I gain levels and drops. I hope you enjoy! Do I still have my HC status? YES (3/22/20) 99 Firemaking - 03/20/20 Skilling Update #1: 99 Thieving and other gains
  4. Wouldn't be a #Baka post without a #Baka selfie.
  5. Looks like some juicy loot. Congrats mate!
  6. Welcome back dude! Glad to see ya
  7. HCIM is supposed to be a challenge! Thats what makes it fun. There will always be risk associated with these types of accounts. As others mentioned, there are ways to avoid dying to this and I would recommend using them
  8. Congrats on the promotions fellas Will miss you @Jakey and @Rolex thanks for your contributions!
  9. ----Updated with a sample rewards shop idea----
  10. Update #2 - Feb 19th 2020 Bank Update Skills Update
  11. In-game and Forum Event Rewards Rework Disclaimer: This is solely a suggestion and has not had the approval of any higher staff members. There is no guarantee a system like this will be implemented, but with player support and suggestion, maybe we can implement something like this in the future! Background: This project will hopefully fix the common issue that staff and players have when it comes to events: coming up with rewards for the events that aren't spawned bonds, or rewards that don't incentives participation (i.e shit rewards), or rewards that favor the rich already (PVM event item drops). The current events that we do in-game and on the forums are brilliant events and people enjoy participating in them, but the issue is the rewards. It is hard to come up with rewards for in-game and forum events because each new event reward needs approval from a Developer, or just isn't enticing enough to get players to participate. With this system, both in-game and forums events will be rewarded with a standardized currency: Event Tokens Implementation: This project will need to be implemented in 2 phases due to the 2nd phase needing additional developer work to essentially 'automate' in-game events. Phase 1 - Event Rewards Shop and Event Token Commands Phase 1 will primarily focus on setting up the Event Token Rewards Shop and adding the currency in game. The currency will be given to players via a staff command initially. This currency will be used to reward players for participating in the events that staff host, for both in-game and forum events. All players who participate in an event will earn a base amount of Event Tokens at the staff members discretion and any additional incentives (i.e first player to get a drop at wintertodt) will allow a player to earn additional Event Tokens, at the staff members discretion. Forum Event Example: The top 25 VOTM participants get 10 Event Tokens, the top 3 VOTM participants get an additional 25 Event Tokens. In-Game Event Example: All participants in Wintertodt event get 10 Event Tokens. Any player to get the pet during the event gets an additional 25 Event Tokens. The rewards shop should contain rewards that are good enough for players to want to participate in events. I would like to introduce a new party hat for the highest priced item in the shop (Example: Rainbow Party Hat - 5000 Event Tokens) I also would like to use this shop to add graceful recolors, potential rs3 cosmetic items? potential skilling outfits? OSRS event costumes (army, mime, etc)? Item recolors, OSRS revision update cosmetic items? The list can go on. Think of this as a slightly better loyalty shop Sample Rewards Shop: Phase 2 - Automated In-game Events Phase 2 requires developer work to implement and thus may need to come later when there is sufficient time to work on. I want to implement an in-game event system that is basically a reworked daily challenges system, but staff are able to activate the event challenge with a command. Or whenever an event is scheduled, the event challenge is automatically given to all players for the length of the event. Automated Example: There is a Wintertodt event scheduled for 9PM GMT, at 9PM all players get a new Event Challenge and may choose to participate or not. Command Example: This could be something like ::pvmevent bandos 60mins. When activated, all players get the 'Bandos Mass' event challenge added to their account for 60 mins. If you go to Bandos and stay for X kills, you can go claim 10 event tokens from the Event Headmaster at home. Like Daily Challenges, the activity (i.e what the event is) and rewards would have to be manually added in by the development team. As an example, we could come up with something like this: Bandos Mass Event: 10 kills/attempts (don't need kill credit) = sufficient participation and 10 Event Token rewarded. Any player to receive a unique drop = 10 additional Event Tokens rewarded. Wintertodt Mass Event: 10 kills = sufficient participation and 10 Event Token rewarded. Any player to receive a unique Drop (pet, axe) = 10 additional Event Tokens rewarded. Pest Control Mass Event: 10 games = sufficient participation and 10 Event Token rewarded. The top 3 players who completed the most games within the event timeframe = 10 additional Event Tokens rewarded. The main idea of this being: The development/staff team comes up with different in-game events and manually code them to the Event Challenge Headmaster (like daily challenges, but with event objectives instead of skilling objectives). These events are then automatically applied to accounts based on the event times that are set, and the rewards are given based on the participation level or additional unique drops/parameters of the event that are set. This will allow for all players who participate to claim their event tokens at the end of the event from the headmaster, and allow the ability for players to purchase things from the event shop with their Event Tokens. So with the implementation of this system, ALL events (in-game or forums) will be rewarded with Event Tokens that can be spent in the Event Rewards Shop. All players who participate in these events will be rewarded similarly, and players who achieve something unique in the event (which is predetermined) will be additionally rewarded with Event Tokens. In-game events will have automated rewards that are claimed from the Headmaster, but forum events will still need staff to manually add event tokens to the winners. Thanks for reading and I would love to hear your feedback on this system and how it could be improved!
  12. I agree we need graceful recolors, however I think it would be better off somewhere else other than the vote shop. Im thinking something along the lines of an event rewards shop. But nonetheless, needed in game.
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